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Zombie Defense

Version: 12.8.8
Unlimited Money God Mode
Download (56.64 MB)
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App Name Zombie Defense
Package Name com.HomeNetGames.ZombieDefense
Genre Strategy
Size 56.64 MB
Latest Version 12.8.8
MOD Info
Unlimited Money God Mode
Update Wed Sep 21 2022

Have you ever tried the type of action-strategy game that combines defense with a zombie themed? Zombie Defense deserves to be a unique game in the mobile zombie game that is worth trying.

Introduce about Zombie Defense

Strategy game to kill zombies with many attractive game modes


The zombie pandemic has destroyed the entire life of the Earth. In the unequal battle to destroy zombies, you and your army will have to constantly engage in the harshest and most dangerous survival battlefields.

The fantasy style mixed with the horror elements that permeate the game gives you a restless night of excitement once you enter the game. Everything can be quite chaotic and overwhelming at first because of the classic strategic design. However, when you get used to the cinematic 3D graphic design and top-down perspective, you will no longer feel surprised and rush immediately into the battle.

Let me take play scenes as an example. Not only do you circle around in the city where zombies are rampant, but you will sequentially pass through other dark landscapes such as the highway without people, the desolate desert without the shadow of life… Everything is gloomy. The unusual silence of each location will make your heart beat every time a group of bloodthirsty zombies appear, accompanied by music knowing how to knock others’ hearts.

The attraction of the enthusiastic upgrade system

When playing Zombie Defense, you can upgrade three important aspects of the battle: Troops, Weapons, and Vehicles. Specifically, when you defeat zombies, you will receive a bonus. This accumulated money is used to upgrade weapons, vehicles, enemy attack systems…

When you have more money, you can hire more soldiers and develop combat skills for recruits.

Attraction from the tactical elements

Unlike the zombie games you have ever played, we do not directly use the armed strength or the muscle strength in close combat with the “zombie family”. In Zombie Defense, you will be the leader who is responsible for making reasonable tactics to destroy zombies as much as possible.

The leader of the special force group will have to constantly arrange, maneuver, and allocate the position of each troop according to the defense and attack strategy. This will help you to fight against the countless enemies ahead. It reminds me of the Netflix Kingdom blockbuster. You will be like the prince in the movie who leads the entire zombie war, controls all kinds of soldiers, weapons, and means in the most effective and scientific way.

Rich game modes, various missions

You can choose among 4 game modes: Regular, Nightmare, 3-Man Challenge and TV Challenge.

  • Regular mode: You will appear in a ruined city corner. On the screen will display small blue or yellow circles, helping you quickly shape and arrange your task force to prepare for battle.
  • Nightmare mode: The zombies increase rapidly and live super long. So, you need to collect troops as quickly as possible, then upgrade your weapons continuously to be successful.
  • Play 3-Man Challenge mode: You will have the right to send three soldiers to fight at once. The attraction of this mode is that you can combine weapons to increase the damage to the soldier. Hence, all weapons and equipment must be selected very carefully. If you choose the wrong one, you will lose. When playing, you also must observe all directions to make sure you don’t expose any soldier’s ribs.
  • TV Challenge: You will be an army commander who both fights and protects a working reporter. This cameraman will be tasked with capturing all the most terrifying moments of the battle. When this reporter loses his life, game is over.

The game has a total of forty missions. The later the game is, the more difficult and challenging the task becomes. The number of zombies appears increasingly with many types at the same time, so your defense will be much more difficult.

But in return, you will also have the opportunity to train eighteen types of soldiers, 150 upgrade weapons from laser guns to Telsa tower and many other interesting things.

Why is it necessary to both keep the base and upgrade everything?

In this game, we will face about six types of extremely dangerous zombies. There are a few types that are both big and blood-rich, so they take a long time to shoot and destroy. Moreover, no matter what type of gun, the range is limited. So, while playing and defending, you also need to constantly collect new soldiers, train new recruits, upgrade existing soldiers and equip more weapons. This can diversify the army to deal with higher-level zombies while increasing the strength and number of troops. The battle can end faster due to that.

MOD APK version of Zombie Defense

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Zombie Defense MOD APK for Android

This zombie-themed tower defense strategy game is full of action with many special game modes. If you like tower defense, give it a try.

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