Zombie Catchers

Version: 1.30.25
Unlimited Money
App Name Zombie Catchers
Package Name fi.twomenandadog.zombiecatchers
Genre Adventure
Size 79.44 MB
Latest Version 1.30.25
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Mon Aug 08 2022


Zombie Catchers APK Download

There’s a zombie invaded world in Zombie Catchers! The earth has been infested with zombies! Luckily, there’re A.J and Bud to help people out, they plan to clear the planet by catching all the zombies, and at the same time, they have decided to make some money out of it… Wanna know what’s going on there? Check it out on Happymod! Happymod, happy life! 


Catch the zombie

Obviously, you’ll be a zombie catcher in Zombie Catchers. First thing you need to know is that there’re many different kinds of zombies, you’ll start with Lemon Zombie, Slime Zombie and Jelly Zombie… and then with you unlocking more maps, you’ll find Gingerbread Zombies, Tea Zombies, Chocolate Zombies, Candy Zombies, Hockey Zombies and so on. Different zombies have different ways to protect themselves, like the Jelly Zombies will toss a hammer at you and running away once they see you, while Tea Zombies can sometimes stun you. Regardless their differences, you have to remember the goal is to catch them!


In Zombie Catchers, your basic weapon is a harpoon with a balloon attached to the end. And yes, considering the various zombies, you also have different gadgets, like nets, tranquilizers, jetpacks and so on. You’ll rely one drones to locate a sizable group, and be there, then you should toss out the brain baits and lure them out, once you see them, chase them down, use your harpoon, use your robot compatriot, and grab them. 


Juice the zombie

Now, you should go back to your juice bar. In Zombie Catchers, there’re countless people want to bite on zombies, lining up right outside your bar. See? Zombies don’t get to eat people’s brain anymore, people eat zombies. To satisfy your picky customers, you make different juice according to different types of zombies you have captured, you also have different juicers, each juicer has different requirements about the number of zombies to work. Once enough zombies are put in the juicer, you can let the machine do the work. You later can even create new recipes and make new goodies to sell by mixing different zombies if you have the right machine. That’s right, except for making them into juice, you can also make them into desserts, pizzas etc. Just use your imagination.


And don’t worry about the sales, there’s a whole long queue waiting to buy them. What you should do is focusing on trapping zombies and inventing new recipes.


Download Zombie Catchers APK for Android

Zombie Catchers mainly contains the two parts, the coins you earn will also be used there, to upgrade your weapons or squeezers. You may find Zombie Catchers’ setting a little bit bizarre, a little bit strange, but you can’t deny that Zombie Catchers is fun to play. Especially the hunting part, it can be challenging and tricky sometimes, don’t let the icky desserts and drinks scare you off. Download Zombie Catchers from Happymod, where you can find lots of fun Android games! Happymod, happy life!