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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

Version: 2.57.0
Download (182.9 MB)
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App Name Z Day: Hearts of Heroes
Package Name com.kingsgroup.ww2
Genre Strategy
Size 182.9 MB
Latest Version 2.57.0
Update Wed Jun 22 2022

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the latest real-time strategy game from KingsGroup Holdings and the game is Z Day: Hearts of Heroes.

About Z Day: Hearts of Heroes

War games are no stranger to gamers, many of the strategy games have been very successful in this subject. Here are the reviews and how to download this game on your phone. In this completely free strategy game, the war is not between humans and humans but between humans and the zombies.

Fight against zombies

If you’ve ever seen the movie World WarZ, then you can see Z Day in the same plot. The Second World War has been going on for years and there are no signs of ending. With that, the science of human engineering is growing fast as they are able to create cloned combat forces called Super Soldiers and the war machine Destroyers in the sky. Humans have had the opportunity to end this war, however, a mistake has occurred. Allied forces have caused a large explosion that causes gas to leak, causing many to die and then become zombies, the animals suddenly become huge and aggressive. The whole world is in turmoil, you have to lead your forces to survive and fight all the dangers outside, creating a new world order.

Build your fortress

In Z Day: Hearts of Heroes, the first thing you need to do is build solid facilities to train and develop your army. At first, the area was just a wasteland devastated by war, gradually building weapons factories, nuclear reactors or training camps to create the strongest army. By touching the vacant land and then selecting a building you want, wait about 3 seconds for you to have a beautiful building. Besides, you also need to consider exploiting the resources to earn gold and many other things for the army and its entire territory.

Also, you have the opportunity to create your own fighting machines in this game. At present, the Destroyers are the strongest, but you still have the chance to defeat them with weaker planes.

Training your army

When having enough power, you must have the big army to protect the nation from The Commandant and Storm The Bastion. Giant animals in the forest, such as wolfs or bears can endanger your kingdom, but it also brings a lot of resources. Daily, you should use your army to kill them to get a lot of gold.

There are various types of troops for you to choose from such as tanks, airplanes, paratroopers, marines, etc. Acting as a commander, each squad alignment brings a different tactic. It also changes the way you approach the game. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes has a relatively complex gameplay and there are a lot of things to think about, but in return, the game has the detail guides, combined with a simple, intuitive interface to help you become a master.


Z Day: Hearts of Heroes has nice 3D graphics if compared to a strategy game such as Clash Royale. The fortress, the war simulated like in real life. You will discover a vast, majestic world with magnificent castles and cutting-edge battle machines. However, when fighting, your army will move on the treetops if you have to go through the forest, so it’s quite unreasonable.

Download Z Day: Hearts of Heroes APK for Android

Overall, I think the gameplay and features of the game are great, but the game needs to be improved in graphics. Although not perfect yet, Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is still a strategy game worth to play this year.

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