Traffic Rider

Version: 1.81
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App Name Traffic Rider
Package Name com.skgames.trafficrider
Genre Racing
Size 119.72 MB
Latest Version 1.81
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Update Thu Aug 04 2022



The extreme speed brings a huge sense of excitement that no other adventure can match. As the speed approaches the limit of your control, you will experience unprecedented tension and excitement. However, in real life, most people are unable to fully step on the accelerator in traffic because they must pay attention to the safety of themselves and others. If you want to experience the fun of racing, don't miss Traffic Rider mod apk.



Traffic Rider mod apk is a road racing game produced by Soner Kara. In the game, players need to drive all kinds of motorcycles on the road with real city roads as the scene, but pay attention to avoiding passing vehicles along the way. A real motorcycle riding experience! This is not a traditional game of speed racing against other players. Because the player himself has no other players in the game, and the player's biggest enemy is actually himself. Traffic Rider mod apk 2022 helps players constantly surpass themselves, challenging the limits of speed, courage and reflexes.



If the end point can be reached within the stipulated time, the task is completed. Traffic Rider mod apk's full 3D simulation field of view provides players with an immersive gaming experience. The gameplay adopts the mode of gravity induction. The player controls the steering of the motorcycle HAPPYMOD DOWNLOAD by shaking the device. The left and right lower corners are respectively set with the brake button and the accelerator button. To complete the task, the accelerator button must be held down for 80% of the time, and the brakes will only be applied when the evasion cannot be reached. Traffic Rider mod apk still has its own unique creativity in racing gameplay. The setting of overtaking is added to the game. It is not simply overtaking a car, but only when the distance is very close to high-speed HAPPYMOD APK overtaking. Every time you successfully overtake a car, you will get an extra 0.1 second time bonus. This mechanic makes Road Rider's extreme gameplay more oriented towards getting closer to other vehicles and risking more points.



The game modes include "Career Mode", "Endless Mode", "Time Trial", and "Free Driving". In the later stage, players can also unlock one-way and two-way traffic flow. The most challenging one is the "Professional" mode. What’s more, the number of levels is very rich, and each level will have difficulty HAPPYMOD APK DOWNLOAD prompts, which are divided into several levels, from "easy" to "impossible to complete". These rich modes allow players to enjoy the endless excitement brought by extreme speed. The game is currently available for download on Happymod.


There are 22 motorcycles in the game for players to unlock and use. From the initial 2000 gold coins to the final luxury cars worth 480,000 gold coins, players can experience changes from speed to handling. After each level, there will be some rewards and experience. After leveling up, players can unlock more motorcycles, and rewards can also be used to buy cars and upgrades. Advanced motorcycles not only look cooler, but also more stable. Those low-level motorcycles can easily roll over when overtaking or dodging.



The image quality of Traffic Rider mod apk is excellent, with many very striking color effects. In addition, as a racing game, Traffic Rider mod apk has enough challenges and reasonable data balance, which can bring a good gaming experience to players of different ages. The first-person gameplay can make it seem like you are actually driving a motorcycle on the road, making the game more exciting. Players who like motorcycle or racing games, must not miss downloading Traffic Rider mod apk at Happymod.