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The Spike

Version: 1.6.2
Unlimited Money
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App Name The Spike
Package Name com.daerisoft.thespikerm
Genre Sports
Size 123.37 MB
Latest Version 1.6.2
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Thu Sep 15 2022


The Spike


The Spike Mod APK is a rather popular sports game published by DAERISOFT and is currently available on iOS and Android platforms.The Spike is certainly not the only mobile volleyball game, nor is it the only one presented in 2D. However, The Spike is attractive and challenging due to its lightness and dynamism. In The Spike you can experience volleyball in its purest form, with customizable players and a short story as a bonus. Whether you're an avid fan of the sport or not, you'll find it particularly addictive. In The Spike, you can develop your players, improve their volleyball skills and win in various volleyball tournaments. Enjoy the incredible story and gameplay in The Spike Mod APK and unlock all the characters instantly on HappyMod!


How to Play The Spike & Is The Spike hard? 

Volleyball is one of the most popular and major sports in the world. The sport is played by 2 teams of 6 players. Similar to many sports, the game has nets, areas and characters for each player. But the basic concept is simply to get the ball to successfully touch the opponent's base.


The gameplay is easy, you only need to move the characters, then jump and beat. And during the weekend, we will send you a lot of rewards, everyone has a share. Also, it has a very exciting and unique battle mode, which can be multiplayer or single player.

While The Spike's simple enough controls and mechanics make it a game for all ages, the challenge level in general can be surprising, especially for beginners. Although there is an option for an easier auto mode before moving on to the tutorial, the precision and concentration required in tournaments in particular can take a while for anyone to complete.


The Spike has a two-dimensional view and the controls within it are very simple. There are four buttons at the bottom of the screen that allow you to perform all the necessary actions. There is a catch button, a dive button and two different hit buttons (one near the net and the other away from the net). The two-dimensional view helps you to control your team and the initial course content is very easy to master, but later on it can be slightly more difficult when it comes to managing team members and improving your volleyball strategy skills.


The Spike can be a little difficult at first, but with a little practice, you'll soon get the hang of it. A user review from TapTap proves this, "the first time I played this game I found it difficult to play this game. but when i play longer i feel this game is very fun to play".

So if you like volleyball, make sure you download from HappyMod and play The Spike now!



Features of The Spike Mod 

Immersive gameplay 

There are many sports in the world today such as football, football, tennis, boxing, basketball, cricket, baseball and many more! However, if you love volleyball, then The Spike is definitely the best choice for you as this game is unique. This is not a typical run-of-the-mill volleyball game as it has a clear connection to the popular volleyball anime show Haikyuu. Here you'll enjoy simple yet profound gameplay that will keep you completely engrossed!

Complex controls 

Unlike other volleyball games, The Spike has a more complex control scheme where control and timing are always key to winning. Here you can swipe, catch, jump, block, and move your player to score points. You have many other players on your team and you can upgrade all of them to make them even strong. It takes time to get used to the controls at first, but that's why there's a practice mode!

Multiple game modes 

The Spike offers a story mode where you can follow the main character as he begins his volleyball journey at school. In story mode you will enjoy a story mode with illustrations and interaction with many other people. There are two main stories, Wing Spiker Story and Setter Story, and each stage contains a lot of content as you compete in volleyball matches in different stages. In addition, you can also access the Tournament mode where you can play against others in a tournament environment and eventually win medals.



Strategies to Win The Spike 

If you're just starting to play The Spike and want to stay ahead of the game, then perhaps you could use some help with the tips, tricks and strategies below.

Playing in Auto and Beginner modes 

Before you get to The Spike, you will notice that it asks you to choose between 2 different game modes. You may need to understand that the reason it makes you choose should be that the default normal mode may be a bit tricky for normal people, so it is advisable for beginners to start by choosing the automatic mode for training.



Take a training course 

The Spike is certainly an easy game to learn but very difficult to master. Despite reducing the normal team size from six to three and having only a two-dimensional view, there are still many unpredictable and difficult points.


In the first level of a tutorial session or story mode, you can score points with almost every successful spike. However, as you face stronger teams and play in tournaments, you will see how challenging it becomes to stop your opponents from scoring and earning points for your team.


That's why you need to take part in the training mode and improve your proficiency in the different skills on the volleyball court. You will undergo 5 types of training, dunking training, receiving training, blocking training, serving training and training against real opponents.



Upgrade each player correctly

The Spike starts with 3 players for your team. Each is expected to have an assigned position or profession and stats that mostly correspond to their position. You only need coins to upgrade each player's stats, and while earning coins is relatively easier than earning volleys, the increased cost based on player stat boosts grows.


There are 4 stats you can adjust for each player, namely Attack, Defence, Jump and Speed. While you are free to adjust each player's stats, it is important to know and understand what each attribute means and how it makes your team more powerful and efficient.


Download & Install The Spike Mod APK on HappyMod 

On TapTap, The Spike has 42,108 downloads and 35,206 followers. It also has 7.4 Rating & Reviews. With The Spike, you can build a strong volleyball team with a rich selection of skills that can be freely matched to make your character stronger.


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