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Version: 1.4.4
Unlocked All
Download (56.36 MB)
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App Name Swordigo
Package Name com.touchfoo.swordigo
Genre Adventure
Size 56.36 MB
Latest Version 1.4.4
MOD Info
Unlocked All
Update Tue Dec 14 2021

swordigo Mod APK Download for Free - happymod

swordigo apk is a classic PS1-based game released by publisher Touch Foo, a simple but super fun action-adventure mobile game. Fantastic big world, all kinds of wonderful levels are waiting for you to challenge, players who like it, don't miss swordigo mod apk. Try swordigo download now. come to happymod download this game.

Description of swordigo apk

swordigo apk is a well made 3D arpg game. The protagonist controlled by the player crosses the vast territory and adventures in the swordigo full map. The monsters are full of danger, but none of these can stop the protagonist from moving forward, because victory is calling him ahead. Happymod 2022 lastest mod apk can help you get this game. Swordigo download, which uses the orthodox RPG mode, has all the standard RPG elements such as levels, skills, and equipment. Through the perfect combination of swinging swords, dancing magic,using props, and running and jumping, remove all obstacles, solve all puzzles,and finally let the fire of light and justice rekindle in this land. Download Happymod to get this game.

Complete missions and destroy monsters

swordigo mod apk download, it is like other fighting games with storyline, you will have a while to get used to the basic props and skills in the game. After swordigo game download, you will start with simple tasks, players will get an iron sword and use the magic of the game. Continue to complete the assigned tasks and destroy the monsters on the road, you will get a certain amount of gold and experience, and swordigo mod apk unlimited money. Happymod mod APK is something you can not ignore if you want to get happiness. When the experience reaches the limit,the player is promoted to one level, which increases attributes such as blood,damage, and speed. Happymod APK download you deserve it.

Improve your abilities by leveling up

After downloading swordigo mod apk, the easiest way to improve your ability is to upgrade. As the level increases, the protagonist's attributes will become stronger, and the HP,attack, and defense will increase. Swordigo mod apk unlimited money, killing bosses can get a lot of experience, and later upgrades will be faster. You should try the Happymod APK download. After you swordigo mod apk download, you can explore caves or dungeons where holy swords with extremely high stats and cool looks are stored, upgrade your magic to deal a lot of damage to enemies, or buy extra armor to Increase your defense. Happymod mod apk has a lot of games for you to choose from.

Explore relatively realistic game scenarios

As a horizontal PS1 style game, swordigo mod apk doesn't have as realistic and vivid graphics as current top games. come to happymod download this game. Still, the game is designed with relatively realistic graphics, with the swordigo full map paired with pleasing colors and brightness that suits every scene in the game. Download Happymod to discover more fun games. swordigo game download, you can freely explore the game scene, observe different pictures and beautiful graphics. Download Happymod 2022 lastest mod APK to get this game now.

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