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App Name Standoff 2
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Update Mon Aug 08 2022


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Standoff 2 is the most dynamic first-person perspective multiplayer online 3D shooter you can find on the market. In Standoff 2, two teams stand against each other on relatively small, closed maps. The game takes inspiration from the massive all-time PC hit Counter Strike Global Offensive. If you have ever played Counter Strike Global Offensive, you will clearly see the resemblances in Standoff 2. Maps (such as Italy, Dust 2), weapons, sides, game modes and many more are similar. Therefore, if you like playing CS, you should try Standoff 2, it is probably the best shooting game you can play on your smartphone.

Defuse a Bomb or Plant One


In Standoff 2, you will be able to play many various game modes. At the beginning of each game round, you will have to choose your team. In Standoff 2, you can choose between two sides: terrorists and antiterrorists. Depending on the side you choose, you will have different objectives and different weapon selections in some game modes. For example, in the classic bomb-defusing mode, if you decide to play as an antiterrorist operator, then your mission is to kill all terrorists before the bomb is planted. If the terrorists have already planted a bomb, then you do not have to kill all terrorists, just make sure you will defuse it in time. However, if you join the terrorist team, you will need to plant a bomb and make sure the antiterrorists do not defuse it in time. Even if you and your teammates are all dead on the battlefield, as long as the bomb you planted explodes, it is still your victory, and the antiterrorists lose. The stronger team doesn't always win, sometimes you need to outsmart your opponents.

More Modes More Fun


Except for the defuse mode, Standoff 2 features more game modes. You can play a classic team death-match in which your team’s mission is to eliminate the enemy team before they eliminate yours. You can also train your skills in training mode. Play arcade mode or arms race (where your target is to kill enemies by using different weapons) or play seasonal modes like Mad Santa or Snowball Rumble.

A Big Customizable Arsenal of Firearms in Your Hands


To fight off terrorists or antiterrorists, you will use a wide range of weapons. Your weapon choice includes:

Six types of pistols, including the powerful desert eagle and rapid TEC-9;

Three heavy weapons, among which you will find shotguns and heavy machine guns;

Four submachine guns that give your enemies a bullet storm;

Seven types of rifles, among which you will find the most famous rifles such as AKR, FAMAS, M16, M4 and more;

Three sniper rifles, for those who prefer killing from a long distance;


Each weapon can be customized with a special skin you can purchase from the marketplace, shops or get in chests. You can obtain a knife that looks like Japanese kunai, a cool shark skin for your UMP45 submachine gun, or a skull skin for your P350 pistol. Kill your opponents in style. Let them envy your cool weapon skin!

Create a Clan


Create your own clan and challenge other clans, or join one among the existing clans. Invite & play with friends, make new friends, level up together and become the champions in Standoff 2.

Download Standoff 2 APK for Android


Download Standoff 2 now and enjoy the best multiplayer first-person perspective shooter game you can find. Pick your mode, pick your side, get armed and fight!