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App Name SIERRA 7
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Genre Action
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Unlimited Money
Update Wed Jun 08 2022


SIERRA 7 MOD APK is an arcade-style strategy shooter game with fun gameplay, graphics and action experience. Anyone who loves shooting on mobile phones must play this game once.

SIERRA 7: An anti-terrorism shooting game with many violence elements

A shooting game with excellent graphics

Those who have played many first-person shooters realize that sometimes colorful 3D graphics are not necessarily good. It brings in too much unnecessary information and distracts you from your ultimate goal, shooting. If you have the same thoughts as me, you must immediately download SIERRA 7 to play. Because you will have a simple, subtle, uncomplicated, and very dedicated action world.

The game has only white, black and gray tones and some yellow or human skin tones. All equipment from large and small, weapons, the gun, are designed in the same style and color tone. So, recognizing everything on the screen is very easy and fast. Nothing distracts you. SIERRA 7 mobile version though is a shortened version but still has all 13 major tasks like on PC.

The music in the game is also very impressive and unique. Not much, the sound and the interrupted melody are essential but enough for you to feel the blood-smelling atmosphere in the game and make you hair-raising whenever danger approaches.

You are a marksman, free to go anywhere

In the game, players will automatically move through many different areas on the map. That means when you are on a mission, of course, the system requires you to focus on a certain area on the map to wipe out the enemy. If you get tired after a long fight, go somewhere to rest for a while, then go back to continue the gunfight with the bad guy. This is a very cool, very humane point in SIERRA 7, different from the first-person shooters game I’ve played.

It is this freedom that makes the space of the game, though only basic colors, become vast and extremely comfortable. The enemies are therefore also diverse and not limited in number. You get points after each enemy is defeated. And corresponding to the score, you will in turn unlock 38 guns with different firepower, features and shapes, and dozens of armor and character options. Here, let take a look at these modern, minimalistic but not simple weapons.

SIERRA 7 has many things to regret if you do not play

Are you wondering what the feeling of shooting on SIERRA 7 is different from hundreds of other shooting games available on mobile? With just touch and a few basic key presses, you can feel each reload time, the hand shake when the gun fires, and the feeling of bullets sinking into the enemy when you have hit it. From the picture, to the sound and some vibrations on the phone it was real, making the gaming experience unprecedented. I could say goosebumps.

Not stopping there, the movement in the game must be said is very impressive. Only using minimalistic brushstrokes with dark tones, but the movements of the shooter and the assailant call it natural. In general, once again give absolute praise to the graphics and design of this game. Game many angles but rhythm, dark but everything is clear.

The characters in the game, whether good or evil, I think they all have looks like Hollywood action movie superstars. With six pack stomach, solid biceps, strong body, face mask, they are cool and extremely masculine.

MOD APK version of SIERRA 7

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money.

Download SIERRA 7 MOD APK for Android

Because of the violence, the dark setting, and the characters is designed like that, of course, SIERRA 7 is labeled 17+. And yet, not only violence but the game is absolutely not for the faint of heart. Many times, on the battlefield, enemies surround you in the dark, just a moment, you can die. In particular, a series of suicide terrorists wearing bombs appeared in a look full of madness and excitement, able to shoot anything that was blocking their way.

Download SIERRA 7 MOD APK and play now, my friends.