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Shadow Fight 3

Version: 1.29.1
Menu/Damage multiplier/Dumb enemy
Download (320.44 MB)
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App Name Shadow Fight 3
Package Name com.nekki.shadowfight3
Genre Action
Size 320.44 MB
Latest Version 1.29.1
MOD Info
Menu/Damage multiplier/Dumb enemy
Update Fri Aug 26 2022

Shadow fight 3 mod download

With the continuous improvement of hardware performance, we can also see more and more fighting games appear on mobile platforms. Among the many fighting games, the Shadow Fighting series has always maintained its position with its excellent quality. Three works have been released in this series so far, and today I want to introduce you to the latest version, Shadow Fight 3. Players will get a completely different gaming experience in the new version from the previous two versions, because Shadow Fight 3 has made a lot of bold changes on the basis of the previous version. If you're looking for a real fighting game, don't miss the Shadow Fight 3 name.


RPG makes games more dynamic

Consistent with the setting of the previous work, "Shadow Fight 3" adopts the setting of horizontal fighting, but on the basis of the previous work, it also adds RPG gameplay. Players can control the appearance of their selected characters, and use the dynamically generated task system to explore the entire game world. Players can choose from three different factions, and control the fighting style of the game characters by collecting equipment, rewards and special moves. The addition of new gameplay makes the game more interesting.


The most daring attempt: 3D

The real sense of strike, sophisticated martial arts movements, unique insights into violent aesthetics, and a complete combat system are the secrets to the success of the Shadow Fight series. Shadow Fight 3 not only implements the legacy of these virtues, but also boldly turns the game into a 3D mode. Players can not only experience the original martial arts experience in Shadow Fight 3, but also gain different visual enjoyment in the real 3D modeling. The new modeling not only presents rich visual effects, but also makes the characters more three-dimensional and makes the battle more exciting.


Two game modes

Additionally, the developers have completely overhauled Shadow Fight 3's graphic design. The game characters no longer use the shadows of the previous game, but have vivid images. Players can unlock the shadow mode by accumulating Shadow energy during the fighting. In shadow mode, the character will become a shadow like the previous game, and the moves and weapons will also change accordingly. This design allows players to reap gaming experience in the previous work in the new work, which is especially popular with old players.


The characters and environments in Shadow Fight 3 are very detailed modeled, combined with just the right shading. The battle process is accompanied by a large number of full-screen and post-processing special effects. When a character enters the shadow mode, in addition to the shadow of the character, the game background will also turn gray. After the shadow mode ends, the scene will return to normal coloring. In shadow mode, the special effects of the characters' combat moves will be cooler, and players can enjoy the hearty fighting process.


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Shadow Fight 3 is definitely an amazing and good game. The overall improvement and innovation of graphics, sound effects, and physics engine on the basis of the previous game shows the sincerity of the developer. If you are joining the Shadow Fight series for the first time, you may feel the difficulty of the operation for a while just starting the game. But don't worry, a true martial artist needs constant training. The system will guide you to make basic moves. After that, you only need to spend some more time practicing to quickly improve your skills and become a fighting master.

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