Score! Hero

Version: 2.75
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App Name Score! Hero
Package Name com.firsttouchgames.story
Genre Sports
Size 102.34 MB
Latest Version 2.75
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Unlimited Money
Update Tue Mar 22 2022


Score! Hero Apk Download

Football is the hottest sport in the world. Football simulation has been a very important type of game since the inception of video games. With the popularity of smartphones, more and more football games have developed from PC to mobile. Score! Hero mod is a football game worth playing in the field of mobile games, which allows you to experience a wonderful football game on your mobile phone.



After entering the world of Score! Hero, you need to create a character to be the main character. After completing the selection of image and nationality, the player begins the journey of football career. Through your excellent performance in the game, you will gradually build your reputation, from an unknown person to the headlines of major media reports Happymod Apk Download. The game is level-based, with over 700 challenging levels for you to explore. When you have a certain strength, the national team will call you. You will go to the World Cup with your teammates and create glory for your country.



The operation of the game is very simple, and you only need to slide your finger to complete the operation such as passing or shooting. It is worth noting that the parabola drawn by the finger is the trajectory of football. Football will make a corresponding trajectory according to the distance, direction and strength of your stroke.

A 90-minute game is too long for a football game. In order to increase the sense of substitution and reduce the sense of fatigue, Score! Hero (Score! Hero mod apk download), as a casual game, cancels the defensive link, and you only need to operate at critical moments in the game. Each time the player needs to act on a pass, counter-attack, or lore, the game will stop, allowing you to choose whether to pass or shoot, and trace the trajectory of the ball. Players must seize this precious opportunity. If you fail to score a goal during the operation, time will be reversed before the operation, but your stamina will also be deducted. This design can cultivate players' football awareness very well, so Score! Hero is also very suitable for children's football enlightenment.



After the game starts, the screen will tell the key points of the game through live broadcast Happymod Apk. During this process, you will learn a lot about football. If you successfully score and complete the level, a poster with you as the protagonist will appear on the screen. There's also a replay feature here for you to review your best performances after the game is over.

To be successful, you must simulate in your mind the possible consequences of different choices before making a choice which demands your imagination. Some tasks in the game are not easy, and to complete them, you need not only imagination but also skilled operation. Even though the game has simplified the operation, to achieve perfection, you have to practice more time.


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Score! Hero's graphics are exquisite, and you can feel a lot of detail on the turf. Entering the game, you can hear the cheers of the fans around you, as well as the replay of the game and the celebration after the goal, which can give you a strong sense of substitution. Overall, this is a game which can be found in Happymod worth trying for fans or those who love football.