Robbery Bob

Version: 1.21.5
Unlimited Coins
App Name Robbery Bob
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Genre Adventure
Size 55.49 MB
Latest Version 1.21.5
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Unlimited Coins
Update Mon Aug 08 2022


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Sometimes people might find stealing exciting, that breathtaking thrill is quite addictive. Now you get to be a thief in Robbery Bob, let’s see if you can be a good thief getting hold of loot without being discovered. Check Robbery Bob on Happymod! Happymod, happy life!


You are the thief

In Robbery Bob, you are a thief who just got out of jail. But everything comes with a price, this stranger who helped you to escape will not set you free until you pay your debts. So, you will have to rob in some residential neighbourhoods, the city centre, even a secret lab. During the time, you have to stay alert and try to not be detected by the watchdogs, neighbours or security guards. If you draw their attention, then you fail. Also, if you want to wrap up the robbery with a perfect score, try to steal all the objects there, don’t even miss a leftover pizza or a remote control, and take as little time as possible to finish the robbery.


Each robbery task is different. And as the game progresses, the difficulty also increases. But you get to practice a little bit in the first robberies are carried out in a tutorial. You will have to leverage different ways to pass depending on different situations. In a few, you have to be faster, while in others, it is more important to be more secretive so as not to be discovered. 

In Robbery Bob, there’s an interesting storyline. Each time you pass a level, there's a story behind it. As you move forward through several dozen levels, you can reveal Bob’s past little by little. It is like reading a comic book, Robbery Bob has an entertaining script indeed.


Easy to control

Robbery Bob is a very simple game, you don’t need to remember many buttons. You can handle the thief by using the virtual joystick with a run button appears on the right side. Of course, considering it’s a theft game, the movements there were designed to be slow, so you won’t be detected easily. And yes, you can speed up your pace, but then you’ll cause more noise, and you’ll be taking the risk of being discovered. When you want to steal something, you can simply pass next to it, then it will drop into your pocket, isn’t it convenient. 


For Robbery Bob, you don’t need a high-end terminal, all you need is 138 MB of free space and Android 4.0 operating system. Robbery Bob can run smoothly easily, you can even say that it is designed for everyone to play.


Fun graphic

The graphic in Robbery Bob is not very complex, but many people like it, because it’s very funny. The movements of the characters are well managed, and the sense of realism is well achieved. In Robbery Bob, funny animations and intriguing plots complete each other.


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Robbery Bob is a fantastic strategy and action game, it’s a single-player game, so you can have fun when you’re all alone. Don’t hesitate anymore, give it a try, download Robbery Bob from Happymod! Where you can find lots of fun Android games! Happymod, happy life!