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Download Rainbow.IO Origin Story APK + MOD(Mod APK Unlimited money) 1.0.0

Version: 1.0.0
Mod APK Unlimited money
App Name Rainbow.IO Origin Story
Package Name com.blue.monster.rainbow.impostor.v2
Genre Action
Size 79.89 MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
MOD Info
Mod APK Unlimited money
Update Wed Nov 23 2022
Hot Game

Rainbow.IO Origin Story MOD APK, the app is probably very familiar to us. Rainbow.IO Origin Story is a very popular action game. After Rainbow.IO Origin Story was developed, the number of users has greatly increased, and more and more users love Rainbow.IO Origin Story. Currently Rainbow.IO Origin Story 2022 has been released to version 1.0.0. Premium features of Rainbow.IO Origin Story require payment to use, so Rainbow.IO Origin Story Mod APK download is very important.

In this article, we will provide you with the 2022 latest 1.0.0 MOD version. And we introduce the features of Rainbow.IO Origin Story 1.0.0 2022 version in detail, which ensures that you can enjoy the latest mod version.

Download the Rainbow.IO Origin Story 1.0.0 2022 mod APK for Android free Now!

Introduction of Rainbow.IO Origin Story Mod APK 2022

Rainbow.IO Origin Story Gameplay Introduction

🌈 NEW SURVIVAL ZONE: Welcome to RAINBOW HOUSE🌈I'm Red - your guide in this new version of Survivor In Rainbow Monster io game. In Rainbow.io Origin Story mobile game, you play as an unnamed sausage run child who has been kidnapped during a school trip to an amusement park called Odd World. From the moment of your capture, you must survive five nights in the strange location that’s entirely empty of life except for you and the Rainbow Sausage Run. Five nights, with each evening consisting of a special task or challenge you must complete while avoiding the Rainbow Monsters. YOUR MISSION - GAME MODE🌕 Night 1: Find the Blocks🌖 Night 2: Feed the Monsters🌗 Night 3: Fix the Machine🌘 Night 4: Light the Room🌑 Night 5: Mystery Night (coming soon) HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid the Rainbow Monsters💙 Blue Monster wanders around the map searching for you, indicated by his stomping and chuckling. He will chase down you that are not hidden inside a locker or a box. 💚 Green Monster is always on patrol, however, they’re also blind, so avoiding this beast is all about making as little noise as possible. Be sure to not make a single movement.❤️ Orange Monster: You need to consistently feed Orange Monster to keep them from coming out to play. Fortunately, an orange line appears to show where Orange Monster will walk when patrolling, so you can quickly hide if you see that they’re coming around soon. 💜 Purple Monster: To avoid Purple Monster, you just need to make sure and watch the vents. If you don’t see eyes or hands creeping out, you are safe to walk by it. - TIPSPay close attention to the sound in the game. A lot of avoiding the Rainbow Monster is listening for footsteps and other sounds that indicate they are nearby! Wearing headphones while playing is the best way to escape.Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a horror experience. Face to the monsters seemingly nice and friendly turning into a terrifying nightmare. Enjoy the mobile version of horror Rainbow.io Origin Story game!

Rainbow.IO Origin Story High-Quality Screen

Rainbow.IO Origin Story is impressive. As a action game, Rainbow.IO Origin Story unique screen and various scenes make players linger and enjoy various game experiences. Rainbow.IO Origin Story 1.0.0 2022 version players will be very happy.

Rainbow.IO Origin Story Unique And Interesting Gameplay

The operation of Rainbow.IO Origin Story is special, you need to read the rules of the game carefully, then you will find that this is an extraordinary game, which is why Rainbow.IO Origin Story will be hot in 2022. Rainbow.IO Origin Story 1.0.0 Mod APK implements advanced functions for free, you can experience the fun of the game very happily.

Rainbow.IO Origin Story Unlimited Gold/Unlimited Life

The MOD version of Rainbow.IO Origin Story provides all the cracking services you need, unlimited gold coins, diamonds and other game currencies, unlocking all skins, characters, props, and levels. You can enjoy the best krypton gold experience without spending any penny with Rainbow.IO Origin Story 1.0.0 Mod APK.

About Rainbow.IO Origin Story MOD APK Version

If you installed the original game of Rainbow.IO Origin Story, in the early stage of the Rainbow.IO Origin Story, you may have to spend a lot of time accumulating Rainbow.IO Origin Story in-game currency to improve yourself, or through in-game payment, spend money to quickly become stronger. Either way, you're always going to have to put in some time or money in the process, which is a pity for most action games. When you use the Rainbow.IO Origin Story mod apk, you avoid these two problems perfectly, and you can enjoy the game perfectly.

We provide 100% working Rainbow.IO Origin Story mods, you can directly download the Rainbow.IO Origin Story MOD APK, install it with one click and enjoy the joy.

Download And Install 2022 Latest Mod Apk Version Tutorials

A. Search the Rainbow.IO Origin Story MOD APK 2022 on https://happymod.io/.

B. Click on the target mod in the list of search results for Rainbow.IO Origin Story

C. Click on the download package to directly install and enjoy the game