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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Version: 3.2.2
Menu/God mode
Download (91.42 MB)
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App Name Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Package Name com.nway.powerrangerslegacywars
Genre Action
Size 91.42 MB
Latest Version 3.2.2
MOD Info
Menu/God mode
Update Sat Sep 24 2022

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars APK is a fighting game based on the universe of Power Rangers which is so popular with every child in the world. In the game, you will have the opportunity to transform into heroic characters competing against each other in intense battles.

Introduce about Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Fighting game in the universe of Power Rangers.

The context of the competitions is the same as what we know about the Power Rangers

One day, the whole world suddenly became troubled with a series of unusual events because of the blind ambition, madness of the evil witch Rita Repulsa. She did everything, even the worst tricks to make the world go to hell: infecting the Morphin Grid; creating a series of ferocious virtual monsters, and countless copies of the Ranger programmed to fight on behalf of her for her to freely do other shady things.

Power Rangers include 5 heroes with each representing a color, a material that constitutes the universe. They worked together to prevent her perverted deeds to preserve peace and the world order.

The gameplay

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a fighting game that uses super innovative strategy and control mechanics where you can form a 3-member squad to fight. The survival of your team will depend on each member’s energy bar, and the types of skills that can be performed or not based on the amount of energy available on that bar. This point has made the strategy in the game highly appreciated. You will not only fight but also think for the whole team and have smart planning in each battle. For example, the green superman can be a support in this battle, but in another, he can be an attacker. A smart squad layout will bring you quick victory and the lowest force consumption.

The scenes are also diverse, spanning all over the Power Rangers universe. They can be the Terrorist Spaceship to the Dino Laboratory, and the lord of the Zedds… You can play in Raids mode which is a PvE mode that allows you to fight against AI opponents, from heroes to villains and even megazords.

After each victory, you will get many Zeo Shards points, which are used to upgrade the character. If you win continuously without interruption, the Zeo points will increase intensely. But if you are interrupted by a loss between those victories, the number of points, as well as its growth, will stop. Zeo points are also used to unlock the arena which is the attractive location that appeared in the hit movie Power Rangers.


If you have seen the series of Power Rangers on TV, then over 24 years, the number of characters has reached an uncountable number. The entire cast of characters has been now officially included in the game.

Entering the game, you already have 30 characters in hand (both Rangers and villains). Compared to classic fighting games like Smash Bros, clearly Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is very generous. Initially, these 30 characters are more than enough for you to freely display all skills and powers in 4 different arenas.

And of course, you may not want to stop there. The more you fight, the more you will unlock new characters, you will build a better squad and upgrade each one of your heroic warriors. Interestingly, if you want, you can bring back even the villains in the movie to your team, like Goldar, Lord Zedd, Psycho Rangers, and more. Gradually, you will have up to more than 80 characters to fight and upgrade their Energy, then earn Zord Shards…

You can also fight the Megazord and equip the Mega Attacks series with up to 12 skills to kill your opponents. You will once again witness the huge Megazords including Dino Megazord, Mega Goldar, Predazord, Thunder Megazord fighting everywhere.

Graphics and sound

Although it is a blockbuster-based game, the quality of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is not inferior to that blockbuster at all. Everything is fine-tuned, meticulous. The 3D graphics are so beautiful while the characters are detailed and sharp, deep and natural, rhythmic movement. All of them are because of the most advanced 3D techniques the developer has included, from shading, physics simulation to more complex combinations of colors.

You will not only meet all the heroes you once fell in love with but also call out their names to recruit them into your team. The feeling of reliving and mastering the memory of your childhood like that is so great.

The combat effects of every single character are very impressive. The effects of shining, burning, luminescence, stretching skills… are all sublimated by highly cinematic graphic effects.

Download Power Rangers: Legacy Wars APK for Android

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is interesting and attractive with the eye-catching technique and the extremely smooth 3D image. The cast of characters has nothing to complain about, especially if you’re a fan of Power Rangers. You may not know if it really suits you or not just by hearing too many compliments about it. So, let’s click on the link below to download the game and try it out!

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