Pokémon GO

Version: 0.245.0
Teleport Joystick Enhanced Throw
App Name Pokémon GO
Package Name com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
Genre Adventure
Size 141.77 MB
Latest Version 0.245.0
MOD Info
Teleport Joystick Enhanced Throw
Update Thu Aug 11 2022



Is there anyone who have never heard about Pokemon? The first game in the series released in 1996 and in two versions Pocket Monsters Red and Pocket Monesters Green was one of the best selling games on Nintendo console. Soon after the release Pokemon created a real avalanche. Pokemons became a hit not only in Japan but also worldwide. In the same year Creatures Ins. release a card game based on the quickly developing franchise called Pokemon Trading Card Game. In 1997 kids could watch the first episode of Pokemon animation. This trend continues to this day. Pokemons are everywhere. In our TV, network, game consoles, and more. The latest massive hit from Pokemon franchise is Pokemon Go. Within the last 5 years from its release the game earned 5 billion dollars. Pokemon Go released by Niantic studio turned out to be a huge worldwide hit.



Pokemon Go is something special compared to all other games available in the market. The game is innovative because it is using Augmented Reality. The concept of the game is quite simple. The Pokemon are showed on a minimap displayed on your screen. The world in the game is something special because it the world around you. Pokemon Go uses your device’s GPS to pinpoint Pokemons in your neighborhood. Therefore, you do have to go out of your home and have a walk to find the pokemon you want to catch. Once you arrive nearby you can use your phone camera to scan the surrounding for Pokemons. Thanks to augmented reality you can view Pokemons in your neighbor’s garden, shops, parks, etc. 



In Pokemon Go there are hundreds of Pokemons for you to catch from eight generations. Pokemons are divided into different categories and have different attributes such as: flying, fighting, poison, ground, rock, bug, ghost, steel, fire, water, grass electric, psychic, ice, dragon, dark, fairy. Each type has weak points and strong points. For example fire type is strong against bug, steel, fire, grass, ice and fairy, but vulnerable to ground, water and rock. Each Pokemon has different statistics (attack, defense, stamina) and various set of special moves. For example Charizard, a fire type Pokemon, can cast Fire Spin, Blast Burn, Wing Attack and Dragon Breath. You will need to train and evolve your Pokemons to collect the strongest deck. Pokemons can evolve if you spend enough time and resources on them. Squirtle, a water type Pokemon, can evolve into Wartotle, then to Blastoise and finally to Mega Blastoise. You can challenge your friends or other players in your neighbourhood to a Pokemon battle.



Download Pokemon Go APK for Android from now and become a Pokemon Monster. Get out of home and collect hundreds of Pokemons available around your home. Travel with your friends outside of city in search of more rare spiecies. Pokemon Go is the most innovative and interesting mobile game you can download and play these years. Don’t miss this chance!