Plants vs Zombies

Version: 3.3.0
Unlimited Money Sun
App Name Plants vs Zombies
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Genre Strategy
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Latest Version 3.3.0
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Unlimited Money Sun
Update Wed Jun 29 2022


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Have you ever asked yourself what to do if one day zombies suddenly start to attack your house? Don't tell me you've never thought of such a thing? Let me give you a hint. You would plant an army of defensive plants that can shoot projectiles and explode.

Plants vs zombies is an award-winning and beloved-by-everyone game. In this hilarious game, you will become a garden owner who is protecting his property against the sinister zombies. Use the force of your plants to repeal them!

Praise the Sun


Sunflowers are extremely important. The more sunflowers you have, the faster you can plant other plants. In other words, sunflowers and sunshine are your main allies in the unfair battle. Sunflowers produce more suns you need to collect since it is the only resource you can gain and use to plant defensive and more destructible plants. Sunflowers do not fight, but they boost your resources. In other words, they are responsible for building up your economy.

Defend Your Garden


Malicious zombies try to get control over your garden. The only way to stop them is to deploy an army of defensive plants. You will need to plant many types of plants to defend your yard. You should plant gatling peas, repeaters, threepeaters that will shoot basic projectiles against zombies. After a few rounds, you will be able to plant many more plants featuring special effects. Plant cherries that explodes once the enemies approach. Plant cactuses with their deadly spikes. Plant winter melons that will explode and slow down the zombies. Walnuts will block off zombies and protect your other plants.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!


Zombies are constantly invading your house, and the only way to stop them is your plants. Be aware because the zombie horde doesn’t compose only of the slow brain eaters, but also bigger species. Fight off regular garden variety zombies, flag zombies signalizing big waves coming, dancing zombies who summon backup zombies, ducky tube zombies who appear in pools, zombie yeti and more! At the end of each stage, you will have to fight off a whole invasion of zombies, so get prepared!

Defend Your Lawn


Defend your lawn on 50 creative and unique lawns in adventure modes. Plant your plants that will oppose the horde of zombies. Do not allow them to reach your house. But do not be afraid. Even if some zombies can reach your house, they will be smashed by the lawnmower, giving you one more chance to organize your defence. There are eight different modes in Plant vs Zombies for you to experience. The aforementioned adventure mode, mini-games, puzzle mode, survival mode, zen garden mode, versus mode and co-op mode. Survive the waves of zombies and become the garden defender.

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Plant vs Zombies is for everyone, for kids, for adults, for elders... Moreover, Plant vs Zombies is free of charge to play, so everyone can play it. Easy to learn (the tutorial stages are well designed) and entertaining, Plants vs Zombies will provide you with hundreds of hours of fun. Once you beat this award-winning game, you can play Plant vs Zombies 2.