Mini World Block Art

Version: 1.0.34
Unlimited Money
App Name Mini World Block Art
Package Name com.playmini.miniworld
Genre Adventure
Size 1.06 GB
Latest Version 1.0.34
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Wed Aug 10 2022


Mini World Block Art APK is a Sandbox game that promises to give players an open world of creativity that gives you the freedom to explore and experience. Originally released by Miniplay from China, the game has the same mechanism as Minecraft, but instead of paying for the game, you can experience it for free. This is definitely a big highlight that Mini World Block Art deserves to be an alternative version of Minecraft.

About Mini World Block Art

Destroy and creative

Similar to Minecraft, the game takes you into a seemingly endless 3D world where you can comfortably take on the adventure and creating everything. There are many types of monsters that appear at night and they will attack you, so to be able to survive the first night when you have nothing you should go to find a cave to shelter. Until dawn, you can go out and collect the ingredients that make things interesting. Do not forget to pick up the torches to light up at night because the monsters often appear when the sun goes down. Become a true builder, design great works, or you’ll be able to become a farmer and work on your own farm.

Many interesting modes

Like Minecraft, Mini World Block Art features familiar modes such as survival mode, creative mode and multiplayer mode.

Basically, the survival mode and creative mode are quite similar, you will use the ingredients to create your own works and discover new lands. But in survival mode, you will need to be more careful because in this mode you can die by hunger or be attacked by monsters. So you have to crop, hunt, and produce some kind of food, and make some kind of weapon that you can fight against monsters.

Multi-player mode, a mode that very attractive where you can connect with other players to support each other, together creates works more quickly. Besides, you can gather together to destroy the monsters to receive valuable rewards.

Many activities

In addition to survival mode, you can participate in exciting mini-games with many categories such as puzzle games, shooting, strategy and many other interesting mini-games. Not only is the game, but Mini World Block Art is also a social network that brings people together with some features that add friends, messenger.

The in-game store is very diverse with beautiful costumes, and many interesting items are waiting for you. A feature upgraded compared to Minecraft is the pet feature that allows you to adopt a funny animal. It will be your companion and can help you with many things during the game.

Another interesting point that players enjoy is that although you play on a computer or on a mobile device, they can connect and play together. Besides, you can upload or download your works in the library as well as the world of others.


Mini World Block Art is based on a classic 3D block graphics. Although the graphics are quite similar to Minecraft, I see Mini World Block Art has a soft feel with the character is designed cute and colors are brighter.

Download Mini World Block Art APK for Android

Have you ever thought of building your own great works yourself? Coming to Mini World Block Art you can completely do that. This is a great and free game that you can not ignore in your spare time.