Version: 1.5.0
App Name Mini DAYZ
Package Name com.bistudio.minidayz
Genre Action
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Latest Version 1.5.0
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Update Tue Mar 08 2022


Mini DAYZ MOD APK is a pixel action survival game from the publisher Bohemia Interactive a.s. Belonging to the zombie type, which is familiar with many players, the game still leaves an indelible mark on players. Let’s learn about Mini DAYZ.

Introduce about Mini DAYZ

Sometimes it’s easier to live with zombies than with unpredictable humans.

Zombie game has the most game modes I’ve ever known

In the beginning, you will have 3 default character options, and of course, you will have nothing in your hand, from weapons to materials and items. It’s all just Zero.

First of all, Mini DAYZ is an offline game (in the Mini DAYZ 2 version, you will have an online game mode). And in Mini DAYZ, you will have 2 offline game modes: Survival or Special. In Survival mode, there will be 3 difficulty levels: Novice, Regular, Veteran. The Veteran level is the hardest and even the veteran players are still dying up and down in the game. In Special mode, there will be different gameplay scenes such as Battle Royale, Public Enemy, Shoot out or Breach, Wild Life, Invasion… So, if you’re a newbie, I strongly recommend playing Novice or a scene in Special mode.

The characters in the game

Our main character when entering the game will have 4 energy bars: One with a heart shape is a blood bar, two is a water bar, three is a food bar and four is a temperature bar. The first three bars are normal, the last means that if you are not warm enough, you will get cold and this bar will be abnormally lowered, you will get sick and start losing blood in the blood bar. In general, dropping down of a water bar, food bar or temperature bar will eventually lead to blood loss in the blood bar. So, the best and most ideal way is to balance so that no bar is too low that affects life.

Note that each character you choose initially comes with a small description of their uniqueness, so consider choosing carefully because it will later affect your survival on the road. For example, if you choose a character with the trait “Snow born”, you can withstand the cold well, then you are no longer afraid of being affected by the temperature bar. If you choose one with “Sprinter”, which means fast movement, your ability to gather materials, run away from enemies, and retreat to the bunker will also be higher.

Mini DAYZ’s gameplay will make you not have a single minute for rest

Mini DAYZ is made of pixel graphics with a top-down view and horizontal screen. This design not only helps you move freely, observe things from many different angles, but also emphasizes the loneliness of the character, making the progression much more terrifying and stimulating.

Entering the game, your first task is to collect materials from abandoned houses, empty roadside vehicles, and countless unmanned bunkers. The game also has a small, good thing that you can have some suggestions for converting materials. For example, if you get a T-shirt but you don’t need it because it’s warm enough, you can exchange it for a bandage to use when you are injured. Whenever there is an announcement that items can be exchanged, you need to make a quick decision, remember to prioritize the most urgent needs that affect your safety.

Later, you will meet other survivors. Some groups just skim through because like you, they are busy looking for things. Some groups will rush in to attack to steal the food you currently have. And some will later be your teammates and share the same bunker with you. The important task is that in a split second, you must distinguish friends and enemies to have appropriate responses. Just like in the classic DayZ series, if you love the zombie genre, you must have played or known it. Sometimes people are the scariest thing in this series. It is the fighting, killing full of hatred, greed, and the dark corners between life and death that plunge people into the pit of guilt and the most extreme situations.

So do it in Mini DAYZ, you will see there are not many zombies and sometimes they are not as scary as bloodthirsty humans.

In addition to the mixed good and evil people and the zombies waiting somewhere, you also have to face the wild animals unexpectedly. If lucky, they are just deer, or small squirrels crossing the road, if unlucky, they are tigers, lions, and bears. When facing them, running is best.

Another note is about weapons and how to use weapons. If you use rudimentary items such as knives, pitchforks, darts, there is nothing to say. But when it comes to things like guns or bows, even if you already have bullets/ arrows ready, you will still need time for loading bullets, not firing immediately like speed shooters. Therefore, when attacking anyone, you also need to keep a safe distance to keep up with the ammunition.

As the game continues, with increasingly difficult levels, more enemies. More and more zombies appear and are faster than before. Food, drink and materials or weapons are also increasingly rarer, harder to find. The longer you live in this game, the easier it is to reach the final destination of the scene.

The operation is simple, but the progression is not simple at all

The gameplay is quite simple. The lower-left corner is the navigation circle button, which you can optionally touch to control the direction of the character’s movement. The bottom right corner is a button to select weapons and necessary materials to use from the store. Depending on the situation and the enemy in front of us, we will have the necessary choices. This is also a great option point of the game. It will let you decide everything, from attacking or fleeing, which weapon to choose, what to use to regain your strength and heal yourself… It all comes from your own decisions. 

If you decide wisely and skillfully, you will be safe to go. If you despise the enemy or are arrogant, and despise the risks ahead, you can be “baited” for humans, zombies, or beasts.

Harmonious graphics and sound

The pixel graphics have promoted their great effect when there is no need to express too much, too detailed, but still create a zombie-like scene and necessary angles for our characters to freely discover. At this point, I must give praise to the top-down view and the extremely clever horizontal screen design that I said initially. These factors combine smoothly and extremely effectively.

The sound also has a strong smell of death, especially when facing groups of people of unknown origin. Playing this game, you will feel the threat coming from everything, not just zombies.

MOD APK version of Mini DAYZ

MOD features

  • Modify Map
  • Modify Characters
  • Modify zombies
  • Modify Weapons
  • Modify Items

Download Mini DAYZ MOD APK for Android

It is a zombie-themed pixel game with a rare fascinating plot, diverse gameplay, rich screenplay, and especially 1001 things to do, making us unable to leave even for a minute. The game is worth playing. Believe me! It will give you a great sense of excitement. Download it now, guys!