Miami Crime Simulator

Version: 2.9.6
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Genre Action
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Latest Version 2.9.6
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Unlimited Upgrade points
Update Thu Jun 30 2022


Released in early 2015, Miami Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) has created a small position in the mobile game market. The game has attractive, fun gameplay, looking like GTA, and allows you to download it for free. If you’re looking for a GTA-like game for your phone, MCS is a perfect choice.

Introduce about Miami Crime Simulator

Become a gangster

Inspired by the city of Miami at a time when the crime was rampant and illegal drug sales were rampant. You will play the role of a guy who is a boss’s minion, with the original tasks as well as a tutorial: running, driving, using a gun and buying bullets. You are free to explore Miami, collect weapons, steal good cars, even blow up the whole city.

You are a gangster, and your missions are not good things so the police will intervene or even kill you if you are not careful. Get ready to respond! But I do not recommend, because the game has a wanted bar, and if it goes to an alarming level, the police will mobilize the whole tank to kill you. If you die, you will lose $ 2,000, of course, nobody wants, right?


Living in a world of crime, you have to adapt, which means you must know how to use weapons. Fortunately, Miami Crime Simulator provides us with a large amount, ranging from melee such as knives, scissors, baseball bats, batons, … to hot goods such as AK guns, M4, Shotgun, RPG, Bazooka, Laser … You can choose what weapons you like and adapt it to your situation. Use them to complete tasks quickly or blow up everything.

One thing I really like is the firing effect of the weapon. Although the game is free, the graphics are still elaborately designed. For me, the most beautiful effect is the explosion effect of the rocket. The color of the fire and the black smoke rising up made the chaotic landscape even more real.

Lastly, if you consider weapons in terms of power, then the laser gun is the strongest and the most stable performance. If you are interested in big damage you can think about Desert Eagle or RPG … but if you like guns with DPS (damage per second) and high accuracy then consider choosing laser guns.


One of my favourite things about playing action games is to drive beautiful cars with great performance and Miami did not disappoint me. It provides players with a variety of vehicles such as family cars, taxis, racing cars, Monster Truck, and even tanks, helicopters. When playing the GTA series, you still have to go jogging to find tanks or use cheat codes, in Miami, you can buy tanks and next time they will always appear in your Garage.

Talking about planes, unfortunately, Miami only gives us control of the helicopter, but the plus point for Miami is that controlling the helicopter is extremely easy. When talking about GTA, especially GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City, you will struggle to have a bunch of buttons to control the plane. In Miami, there are only 5 buttons, including 3 control buttons and 2 firing buttons. The joystick is for aircraft navigation, as well as tilting in the direction you want, the other two buttons for you to take off or land the helicopter.

Although only a helicopter is the only means you can move and shoot, I think it is worth it because the game provides an auto-aim system for players to focus on controlling the aircraft and choose the right angle. The firepower of the helicopter is very powerful and has no limit (unlimited ammo), which can blow up tanks in seconds.


It can be said that this is the biggest minus point of Miami Crime Simulator, although elaborately designed and invested in graphics, game makers do not pay much attention to the NPC system. That makes the sumptuous city become bleak. Even if you are wanted by 5 stars, the police will just send a few tanks to “warn” and leave as if nothing happened.

The lines of the characters are also very limited. The only sound you can hear is the sound of the police calling you back. Besides, NPCs and you have no lines, making the game very boring, difficult to leave an impression on the player.


The second minus for this game is the shop. In general, there are a variety of cheap items for you to buy. But with the more advanced and genuine items (rail gun, laser rifle, tank, helicopter), you absolutely have to use Gems (through refill) to own them. I think game makers should create more opportunities for gamers to play than to pay.

No matter what website you download this game from, Miami Crime Simulator will still advertise continuously, regardless of whether you have wifi enabled. This disrupts the experience of the player extremely heavy. Want to remove ads, you just have to spend money. This makes me a little disappointed.

MOD APK version of Miami Crime Simulator

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: Buy anything you want. Don’t need to care about your money amount.

Download Miami Crime Simulator MOD APK for Android

Miami Crime Simulator is a good adventure, action game of Naxeex. There are many similarities with GTA, and you can download completely for free. Easy control system and convenient shop are the positive plus points for the game. The downside is that the game has not diversified NPCs, mission systems. The shop makes players pay a lot if you want to own powerful items or remove ads.