King of Avalon: Dominion

Versions: 13.2.0
App Name King of Avalon: Dominion
Package Name com.funplus.kingofavalon
Genre Strategy
Size 561.29 MB
Latest Version 13.2.0
Update Thu May 05 2022

As an RTS real-time strategy game from Century Games Limited, King of Avalon: Dominion APK unfolds an epic battles. In this game, you can do everything from head-to-head combat to strategizing, finding allies, and even having the power of the Dragon.

Introduce about King of Avalon: Dominion

The Hero unifies the sacred Avalon Kingdom


The long historical story in King of Avalon: Dominion is only to explain the dangerous drift of the main character. In the time of King Arthur, the mighty king that later generations still talk about, he remained steadfast through many battles but passed away because of the painful betrayal of his nephew Mordred. The king’s body now rests in a fortress atop the sacred Isle of Avalon alongside the once unparalleled sword Excalibur. Someone who can revive the precious sword Excalibur will restart a new empire, take the throne officially and unify the whole kingdom.

Sadly, no one has done this, even the traitor. The entire kingdom is now divided into small cities and many separate factions that are constantly fighting each other. Civil wars, crises and confusion of the people have made the once mighty dynasty now engulfed in constant fire. Many heroes have tried to go to the sacred land hoping to capture the mighty sword, but all have failed. This extraordinary destiny is waiting for your turn.

King of Avalon: Dominion retells everything that takes place in the context of medieval England, with a heroic epic fantasy color revolving around the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. You are one of those Knights. Having fought with King Arthur for a long time. But times change, forcing you to temporarily hide from the enemy. But then patriotism and desire to bring peace to the whole world lifted you up.

Start with your teammates to build a powerful city, possessing an epic army. The leader himself, the generals, and the soldiers were all well-versed in combat skills. You are also an extremely strategic hero. Dispatch, command, gather recruits, train, tame and train Magic Dragons. And finally the long awaited day has come. You will wage many wars against other cities, ascending to the top of Avalon holding the treasure sword Excalibur. Unifying the country and bringing everything back to the peaceful and prosperous old days is the ultimate goal of the player.

Graphics and sound

King of Avalon: Dominio is not a game for fun. It’s head-heavy, tactical with the top-notch audio visuals. The 3D space and countless detailed images that the game creates will take you into memorable historical moments. But the good point here is many but not tangled, melancholy and tinged with the tragic colors of battles but very heroic. The images and animations in King of Avalon: Dominion are extremely pleasing to the player’s eyes. The light in the combat effects is also eye-catching. Each attack of the troops left a strong and decisive afterimage.

The change of sound as well as the transition effects also help to increase the sense of detail in each match scene. These interweaving spaces not only stimulate the player’s emotions but are also extremely suitable for the large-scale combat atmosphere in the game.

The visual of character in King of Avalon: Dominion is also not simple. 3D images, clear movements, top-down views, final dialogues, problems with the corresponding character image will help you tie the whole story and understand the general situation.


Our main task is to build an army, raise dragons, seize the sword Excalibur, and became the unifying King of an empire. So, all your actions no matter how small in the game revolve around this theme.

You will choose the alliance. And before each battle, you and your military allies will prepare a lot of things together such as building and upgrading military bases, mobilizing large numbers of troops, dividing forces, planning combat… And remember in this war, the closer success is, the more fragile the alliance become since you are not the only one with your eyes on the throne. The other city leaders who are allies with you also have the same opinion.

In this game, you also can implement all the tactics that you have done or known but not had the opportunity to try such as swing East and attack West, install spies on enemy teams, use scouts, secretly find out information about the enemy through tacit relationships. Each victory will help you unlock a new champion with completely different skill stats. These heroes join the ranks that will help you raise your power to a new level. Together with the Dragon squad, rush with your allies to fight quickly and win.

Fight with the Fire Dragon, the pinnacle of the battlefield

The best part of combat tactics is not the usual soldiers anymore, but the appearance of the Fire Dragons.

The fantasy world of King of Avalon: Dominion allows you to grasp a secret that no one else can do: Train Dragons. The magical fire dragon was a legendary weapon of mass destruction that any faction coveted. You will capture dragons in fiery wild battles with them. Once the Dragon has lined up, you will train and make them your never-betrayal allies. The attack power of a Dragon can be equal to that of a giant army. Their presence always gives a huge advantage and is a crucial factor in the ultimate success.

Download King of Avalon: Dominion APK for Android

Unlock new heroes, gather them into the ranks of important generals, fight to stop the enemy, build the city abd plan to coordinate with allies to progress faster in the process of unification country. Do all you can to become the new king of Avalon.