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Into the Dead

Version: 2.6.2
Unlimited Money
Download (117.11 MB)
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App Name Into the Dead
Package Name com.sidheinteractive.sif.DR
Genre Action
Size 117.11 MB
Latest Version 2.6.2
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Tue Jul 12 2022

Into the Dead MOD APK is a zombie-themed endless run survival action game on the mobile platform. In the game, of course, you play as one of the lucky people alive, looking for ways to overcome the zombies to find shelter.

Into the Dead: Entering the dead land, how long will you survive?

Do you think you know all zombie games, and you think you’ve played all of the best zombie games of all time on mobile? Wrong! Because there is also Into the Dead.

The first impression is that the game is so beautiful

The first intro captivated me at the first second. The main character gets up after a car rollover accident and realizes that the surrounding area is full of zombies. You enter the endless battle of survival from now on. There are many things ahead that motivate you to fight and move forward. A small child is waiting for you, brothers are waiting for you too and an unknown future is still worth fighting for every hour. This game is impressive because it is one of the rare zombie-themed games with such a deep plot. You will wish to join in the intense survival game ahead wholeheartedly.

The game takes advantage of the first-person perspective, which makes everything around creepier and more unpredictable than ever. Look at these tall grasslands! Maybe a zombie is lurking in there and waiting to bite your neck at any time!

The gameplay is quite simple. You just need to select the weapon (if there is one to choose later) by touching the Swap weapon line on the left side of the screen. Raise the gun and touch the object in front of you to shoot. Or you can choose to run through the zombies that are not too dangerous. However, you need to consider your running speed and the walking speed of the zombies to decide whether to run through them or not. If you have just a little mistake, you will die.

The game is not too complicated, but later on, the zombie forces are getting more and more crowded, hiding and appearing unpredictable, some can move extremely fast like running. They are much faster than our running speed. At this point, you will find the road to survive becomes even more arduous, sometimes you will even think about giving up.

But your efforts will be rewarded, otherwise, how can players persist in the game? 

Along the way, you’ll get some cool stuff to fuel this long run. What you will need to do first is to pick up and upgrade weapons. Each time you kill a zombie, you will have accumulated points. After an amount of time, you will automatically have a new weapon or new ammunition. Those items are immediately included in the list of weapons stored for the character. When needed, just click to transfer, select which weapon you want, and use it immediately. There are extremely powerful guns that can shoot a bunch of zombies at the same time, which is great for scenes with crowded enemies like flies.

Next, you can have an animal companion. It will help you sniff out enemies coming out, or hiding somewhere in the frost-covered night. Actually, it doesn’t make you shoot better or faster, but having a friend in the middle of a gloomy, exhausting situation like this is really heartwarming. It can also be seen as extra motivation for survival, you fight not only for yourself but also to protect this loyal little pet.

With vivid images, realistic sounds, zombie games have never scared me like this one

The visual effects in Into the Dead really touched my heart. I thought I was numb to the most powerful zombie games, but when I played Into the Dead, I had to secretly admire the game producer. The plot-related parts are cleverly interspersed with extremely eye-catching graphics, to the point that every small action like pulling out the phone to talk is very attractive. The graphic effects also show the climax beauty of the surrounding landscape which is diverse and breathtakingly creepy: the murky forests covered with darkness; the yellow grasslands engulfed in the menacing sunset. … All of these create both a poetic atmosphere for the character’s non-stop running and sophisticated pitfall that challenges players when playing anytime, anywhere.

The visual effect is even more featured with small details that in my opinion have a very good role in making the game better such as the scene of the gun’s sparking when shooting, or the scene of blood splashing on the screen when you defeat a group of aggressive zombies at one time… The game has a PG label, so you need to be careful when letting children play it.

The sound is a second attraction besides the graphics. The sound quality in Into the Dead is diverse and harmoniously mixed. Only in the plot interweaving between scenes, there are too many sound effects: voice on the phone, engine noise, devices colliding with each other, footsteps, suspenseful breathing of the main character… Everything is portrayed realistically to the point of goosebumps.

Completed this game? Continue your journey with Into the Dead 2.

MOD APK version of Into the Dead

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If you hesitate to play Into the Dead, you will waste half your life dreaming of an incredible zombie game. Download the game to play right here, guys.

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