Hungry Shark Evolution

Version: 9.4.2
Unlimited Money
App Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Package Name com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution
Genre Multiplayer
Size 130.8 MB
Latest Version 9.4.2
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Thu Aug 11 2022


Hungry Shark Evolution apk download

In Hungry Shark Evolution, you will experience an underwater hunting spree. The huge shark is swimming freely in the sea, and for it is very hungry now, it’s ready to eat a rich seafood meal. All the player needs to do is to help the shark eat as many underwater creatures as possible, and then grow up quickly. Hungry Shark Evolution mod is a game that shows players the underwater food chain, and players will experience absolutely exciting gameplay in the game. Players have to control the shark to survive in the dangerous ocean, and keep foraging to obtain precious gold coins and gems, which can be used to evolve the shark into a ferocious mechanical shark.



Hungry Shark Evolution mod 2022 has a very bold improvement to the picture. The environment in Hungry Shark Evolution is presented in 3D, which allows players to have a higher quality visual effect compared to the flat graphics of previous works. This is a big breakthrough, as not all producers dare to change the visual patterns players are used to. At the same time, the color of the game screen is more delicate and the expressiveness is better. This not only surprised many old players, but also attracted many new players who have just come into contact with the series.


Like previous entries in the series, the game uses gravity-sensing controls. The game has a high degree of freedom. Players freely control the sharks to find food in the ocean, as long as the sharks do not die due to starvation and other reasons. HAPPYMOD APK In the game, there are no level restrictions and tasks given by other systems, and players can explore the ocean freely.

In the game, the player can control the shark to move faster by touching the screen. The green energy bar in the upper right corner of the screen is the current health value of the shark. The health value will decrease when the shark is attacked or not eating. It needs to be recovered by preying on the prey or using the green needle pipe tool on the left side of the screen. The red one is the accelerated energy bar. Continued use of the acceleration will cause the shark's hunger to increase. Release the finger and the energy HAPPYMOD DOWNLOAD bar will automatically recover. Players need to master the relationship between speed and energy. It's worth mentioning that Hungry Shark Evolution adds a new reward mechanism. In addition to looking for ordinary food, players should also pay attention to some special elements, such as golden fish, humans and shells, which means higher gold coins or key items to obtain props, etc.



One of the most notable changes in the latest version of Hungry Shark Evolution mod apk is the addition of three new shark types to the game: Shark Khan, Rex Abyss Dragon, and Aaron the Destroyer. Each of these new sharks has a very unique and attractive appearance, and the destructive power is amazing. In addition, the game has designed 19 different sharks. These rich sharks make the game no longer monotonous. The gold coins and gems HAPPYMOD players get in the game can also be used to buy different props, so that the destructive power of sharks can be raised to a new level. As the game progresses, players become immersed in unlocking and collecting different sharks, and constantly upgrading them.



The new release Hungry Shark Evolution takes the series to the next level. The gameplay, survival difficulty, and image quality of the game have been greatly improved. Players can experience an improved new gaming experience in this version. Hunting is the nature of animals, and people are animals too. By constantly hunting, your stress will be largely eliminated, and you will feel very pleasant. If you want to experience this game too, download happymod to find Hungry Shark Evolution.