Hello Neighbor

Version: 1.0
App Name Hello Neighbor
Package Name com.tinybuildgames.helloneighbor
Genre Adventure
Size 1.22 GB
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info
Update Thu Aug 11 2022



Hello neighbor mod is an unusual stealth game observed from the first person perspective. In Hello Neighbor apk we play the role of a small boy who is living in a small town. One day you are a witness of something resembling a murder or other type of fellony. Intrigued by the crime scene, you decide to disclose the monstrous secret of the man living next doors. To do it, you need to sneak into your neigbor’s house and get to his basement. If you feel intrigued about Hello neighbor mod apk as much as the young boy about the neigbor’s basement, then you can check out the game on



The best thing about Hello Neighbor full game mod apk is Neigbor’s artificial intelligence which allows him to learn player’s movements and actions. The neighbor will remember and predict the future actions based on his experience. Therefore, you should be aware because you might fail if you try to repeat the same pattern over and over again. The neigbor will force you to search for new ways of sneaking in to his home. The most frequently chosen paths are quickly covered with traps delaying escape, obstacles (the neighbor will board up the windows) and alarms like cameras located in different parts of his premise. The boy can use different decoy to distract the neighbor and influence the surrounding in such a way to make it difficult for the neighbor to detect the boy’s presence in the house. The player can interact with many phisical objects such as television and radio to make noise, doors for escaping, other small objects used for lurking the neighbor out of home or stepping into the traps set by himself. Try your best to get into the neighbor’s basement and don’t let yourself be caught by him. Once catched, you will be kicked out and you will need to sneak in again.



Hello Neighbor mod menu features detailed 3D graphics thank to Unreal Engine. The animated graphics is very beautiful and surely will catch your eye. Hello Neighbor was also released on PlayStation, X-box, Nintendo, PC, so you can expect console quality graphics. (come here to get Hello neighbor 2 mod apk download)



The game gained popularity around the world and was translated into many languages. You can play Hello neighbor mod apk unlocked in the following languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Sweedish, Spanish, Slovak, Brasil, Polish, Tradictional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Dutch, Czech, Portugues, Arabic and more.



Download Hello Neighbor APK for Android from and check out this incredible stealth game. Try to outsmart the neighbor and sneak into his home. Learn his patterns before he learns yours. Use devices and interract with the world before your neighbor sets up the cameras and bear traps everywhere. Do everything in your might not to let yourself be caugh by him and try your best to sneak into his basement to discover and disclose his secretes. There are four chapters waiting for you and each next chapter is darker and more challenging. Can you do it? Check Hello Neighbor mod apk unlocked on now.