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Download Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue APK + MOD() 0.1

Version: 0.1
App Name Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue
Package Name com.rusergames.gta5prologue
Genre Multiplayer
Size 16.43 MB
Latest Version 0.1
Update Tue Aug 30 2022
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Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue

Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue Mod Apk is a classic simulation game. In this game, there are realistic game pictures. Players can play gangs, drive on the road, and you can get all kinds of different weapons. It is a very rich and highly free gameplay experience. Come and download GTA V Mod Apk, enjoy the experience!

GTA V Mod Apk, which is an extremely free action adventure game with the theme of "crime" produced and released by Rockstar Games Company (referred to as R Star for short). It is an excellent work of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Compared with Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2008, this game has a more delicate picture, richer character models and a very large map, no matter mountains or cities. The background of the game is set and Los Santos is based on the real world in Los Angeles and southern California.


The background of GTA V Mod Apk is a modern bustling city, and the robbery scene at the beginning of the game reveals that here, players will play the role of sin, and what people call justice becomes the enemy. No rules, no constraints, release, and venting have become the first feeling that grand theft auto v series games bring to players, and this feeling has become the best-selling highlight of GTA V Mod Apk .

In GTA V Mod Apk even these poor little souls who have never had anything in common with the series know this story – big city, big money, big ambitions, and three playable characters on their way to accomplish their goals.


Players need to control Franklin, Michael and Trevor to complete the main task and side task respectively. The completion of the task will unlock the corresponding weapons, vehicles and houses, and each protagonist has different personalities, background stories and intricate friendships. Besides, in GTA V Mod Apk, players can freely modify vehicles and match characters' costumes, and they can also use MOD to modify many models. In real life, they can't rob jewelry stores, rob cars and smash prisons, etc., all of which can be done here, and they can even fly a big plane overlooking the beautiful night view of the city of Los Angeles. Interested friends are welcome to download the experience.

GTA V Mod Apk is a very exciting street racing game. Unlock all kinds of cars, enjoy the pleasure of free racing, and have a crazy challenge waiting for you to join it. It's a super-exciting competitive challenge. After continuous training, you can hone your car skills more skillfully, experience the pleasure of free racing, and have a crazy adventure waiting for you to join it.


Los Santos, a huge and sunny bustling city, is full of self-redeeming masters, corrupt officials and down-and-out celebrities. A group of embroidered residents in the western world know that they are struggling to survive. The declining economy and cheap roads make this place chaotic.

Faced with the rolling financial storm, three different geeks drew their own blueprints for survival and success. Franklin is a street debt collector, looking for real opportunities and large sums of money. Michael is a world-famous bank panic and professional criminal. He hopes to live a better life after he has washed his hands. Trevor is a perverted violent and drug addict. He drives the pickup truck loaded with white powder. By chance, they came together. For everything they wanted, the three men chose a series of bold and dangerous criminal actions.

Wonder through the city of sin, take a closer look at its every corner and enjoy this one-of-a-kind atmosphere of freedom that the series has been known for. If you feel charmed by the world of crime offered by Grand Theft Auto V, then you should enter the download page and install the game. You will love it.