Grand Theft Auto III

Version: 1.8
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App Name Grand Theft Auto III
Package Name com.rockstar.gta3
Genre Action
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Latest Version 1.8
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Unlimited Money
Update Mon Mar 07 2022


Grand Theft Auto III Apk Download

The Grand Theft Auto series is the benchmark for open-world crime games. So far, the series has progressed to GTA 5, and looking back at GTA's development, you'll see that the game's success started with Grand Theft Auto III/GTA 3, which was released 20 years ago. GTA 3 is not only a monument in the history of Rockstar Games, but also has an immeasurable impact on the design of subsequent games. If you want to experience a truly epic open-world crime sim, check out GTA 3 mod apk.



Twenty years ago, Rockstar abandoned the previous 2D overhead gameplay and switched to 3D third-person gameplay, which was a huge success. This bold transformation combines new gameplay with never-before-seen interactive elements, allowing players to reap the thrill of this open-world epic. Realistic 3D modeling presents players with a real world full of infinite possibilities.



When players enter the game (GTA 3 mod apk download) for the first time, they will be amazed by the perfect and clear graphics and modeling. The roads, skyscrapers and even the lawn beside the road in the city give people a strong sense of reality. The design of the cars in the game is also surprising. In addition, the characters are also portrayed very realistically. All characters, including the protagonist, live in this virtual world in the same way as in real life. Even pedestrians on the road are given a lot of details. Game characters have the same biological desires and emotions as us, eating when hungry and watching TV when bored.



The protagonist of GTA 3's story is Claude, a ruthless killer who never said a word from beginning to end. Claude and his girlfriend Catalina came to Liberty City from San Andreas to plan a criminal bank robbery. Claude was arrested by the police because of his girlfriend's betrayal. Accidentally in the process of a prison car transfer HAPPYMOD DOWNLOAD, Claude was freed. Claude began to develop his own power, from a small person to a powerful killer, and finally killed Catalina.


In this highly free world, players will transform into protagonist Claude and become criminals. In addition to completing the tasks given by the system, players can carry out criminal activities as they wish. The tasks players are given are closely related to the development of the story. In addition, the game Gta 3 mod 2022 also provides a wealth of challenging side missions. These tasks do not affect the ending of the story, but are highly interesting.



Although compared with the games of the same period, GTA 3 is very good, but there is a certain gap compared with the works after the GTA series. After all, this was a game twenty years ago and was a new attempt. However, that doesn't mean GTA 3 isn't worth trying. On the contrary, you can feel a lot of pioneering ideas in GTA 3, which is also a very meaningful experience for players.


GTA 3 supports more than six languages, including English, Japanese, French... Players all over the world can enjoy this wonderful game. Familiar language can help you gain a deeper understanding of the storyline and gameplay. Since this is a crime game, there is a certain amount of violence in it. For this reason, only 18+ players can enjoy this awesome content. If you are a minor, you can put GTA 3 on your memo.


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Crime simulation, driving, shooting... Players can get a lot of different game experiences in one game GTA 3 mod. Players are absolutely free in the game, and different players will have different game experiences in the game. This is a great world to release your stress. If you are interested in the world of GTA, GTA in happymod can be your first choice.