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Geometry Dash

Version: 2.111
Download (84.28 MB)
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App Name Geometry Dash
Package Name com.robtopx.geometryjump
Genre Arcade
Size 84.28 MB
Latest Version 2.111
MOD Info
Update Fri Sep 02 2022

Geometry Dash APK DOWNLOAD

Robert Topala, the developer who once brought you "Boomlings!", the smooth elimination game, has another work, Geometry Das. When you look at the pictures of the game, it seems to be a casual game with a simple style. But after playing it, you can't help but shout, "Please spare me!"



The game is described as a parkour game, but it can also be called a music game. In the process of parkour, the intense HAPPYMOD and active background music keeps the player's spirit completely focused. During the game, the sound of the square falling to the ground is matched with the background music, so that players will involuntarily swing with the music, giving people a feeling of being there.

In the level, the background music is always the motivation to keep you playing. The death again and again makes you crazy, and the emotional background music makes you full of confidence. The music of each level is different, but it is always the electronic sound of shaking legs, full of infinite HAPPYMOD APK DOWNLOAD rhythm, plus the perfect cooperation between the level and the bgm, the bgm of the game can be said to be extremely durable.



The picture of the game is basically composed of monochrome backgrounds of different colors and various obstacles, which is simple and clear. The mode of the game is similar to a horizontal parkour game. Players can avoid obstacles along the way by touching the screen to make the moving blocks jump and finally reach the end point on the far right. It doesn't sound DOWNLOAD HAPPYMOD difficult, but it would be naive to think that way. The various complex combinations of obstacles in the game and various spikes hidden in the shadows coupled with a slightly faster game speed are enough to kill players in minutes. Moreover, the length of each level is very long, and if you are not careful, you have to go back to the starting point to challenge again.



The biggest feature of the game is the difficulty! The difficulty of the game is extremely high. In Geometry Dash, the first level is so difficult for players. So if you are just looking for a simple game to relax your mind, this game is not for you. The difficulty of the level has been increasing, and as the difficulty increases, the number of traps and the requirements for reaction HAPPYMOD APK also continue to increase. In each level, the traps will basically not be repeated, and there will even be new tricks, such as blindfolds, etc. The design is very rich and rich. There are three gold coins in each level, some are easy to collect, some are extremely difficult. Some levels require gold coins to unlock, so while avoiding traps, you must also pay attention to collecting gold coins, which greatly increases the difficulty of the level.



The use of color in Geometric Dash mod is dazzling. For example, the game's different emoticons and colors are used to indicate difficulty levels: a blue junior smiley face, an angry red emoji, and a purple roaring emoji. This allows players to choose different levels of difficulty in the game, which has the advantage that players can quickly find a challenge level that suits their skill level. Early success can do a great job of building player confidence. The game also provides players with a variety of skins in different shapes of themed blocks, and can choose different shapes and colors to shape their own character images.



This parkour game is very modern. The ever-changing scenes and obstacles can exercise your eyesight and ability to a large extent. There is also a lot of music in the game for you to enjoy. Geometry Dash can give players a responsive challenge with a simple graphic. If you want to try to outdo yourself, download Dash mod apk and happymod apk.

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