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Download Gangstar 4 APK + MOD(Unlimited Money,VIP10) 5.8.1c

Version: 5.8.1c
Unlimited Money VIP10
App Name Gangstar 4
Package Name com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM
Genre Action
Size 2.58 GB
Latest Version 5.8.1c
MOD Info
Unlimited Money VIP10
Update Sat Nov 12 2022
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Gangstar 4


Wallpaper Gangstar Vegas Mod APK is a role-playing game in which you can do whatever you want with the guidance of the protagonist. In this free open world game you will play as a Vegas gang leader and play gang wars with gangsters and mafia. Quickly download HappyMod and experience the joy of gangstar Mod APK!



Gangstar 4 Features


Gangstar Vegas is a mafia-themed open-world game where players follow Jason to escape Frank. In this vast world, in addition to following the main mission to experience the storyline, the most important thing is that you can play freely. In this world, you can do whatever you want. For example, you can take part in gang battles and compete with other players on your weapons. Or you can set fire or rob, it's all you can do!


The Gangstar game map covers an area of 9 square kilometers, and the picture is very beautiful and gorgeous. You can experience several classic elements here: sports cars, beauties, banknotes, gambling, and shooting. In the game, you can choose from incendiary bombs, flamethrowers and other cool weapons, giant trucks, violent sports cars and fighter jets, including crazy vehicles, you can easily drive. Any experience you can't experience in the real world can be experienced in the game. And you don't have to worry about being responsible for it, so in this world, the rules are like this, you should enjoy the fun of burning and snatching!



The Gangstar game screen has been improved compared to Rio de Janeiro, and the collision feeling of driving in the game is very realistic, which will be the most noteworthy thing when you experience the game. Even if the action of the game characters is still lacking, it does not affect your experience of the game. The sound effects in the game can be heard on all kinds of radio stations. This setting is simply addictive, and listening to heavy metal rock, rap hip-hop or a retro 70s-style death tour has a different taste.


In addition, the content of the game is quite rich, including the main story, robbery, murder, brawl, time challenge and racing. It is worth noting that the game also provides a large number of skills and props for players to choose from. Players can upgrade or purchase skills. The props include motorcycles, various cars, airplanes, yachts, pistols, submachine guns, etc. The skills are reflected in the upgrade. When leveling items, you will get corresponding benefits, such as increased maximum transport speed and health, gun damage, magazine capacity, maximum ammo capacity and fire speed, etc. Of course, these need to be paid to use, and you can use the diamonds and gold coins you earn in them to complete all the purchases of the required goods.


Jason's Escape


This is the main thread of the story, and the player's experience in Gangstar Vegas revolves around MMA athlete Jason. All is well until Mafia boss Don Frank Viliano shows up to Jason and asks for help. In other words, you are forced to pretend to beat your opponent in the next game. Of course, under the influence of the mafia boss, Jason followed suit, but things were not as he imagined. You need to follow the main story, understand the conspiracy behind it, and you need to get the truth.



Explore the mysterious vast world


Gangstar Vegas isn't just a storyline game, he designed an open game world where you can experience everything you want without any problem. And you will find that in such an experience, whether it is driving a car, flying a plane or dropping a bomb, his experience is so real. You'll find other fun here.


Wonderful event


Gangstar Vegas is where you can find more gameplay than the main quests and development world. For example, the bloodthirsty zombie Mode, you can find ways to deal with them, so as to win. Of course you can also join a gang and use the weapons you have to fight gang battles with other players. It's also very interesting, isn't it?


Fight to the top


You'll be involved in an intricate storyline in the game where you're a professional boxer working for thugs. Compete against a variety of opponents - or take them to the streets to unleash your fighting skills in street fights around Las Vegas. Here you have unprecedented power, and I believe you can use it well!



Free Gangster Vegas Mod APK 2022 - HappyMod


Free Drag Racing & Drones


I don't think a boy can refuse to run on the road, now you can experience the most real joy of drag racing in the game. Here you can drive to the fastest speed and experience the joy of adrenaline rush. Of course you can also use drones to support fire or heal your buddies - or just to see where your enemies are. There are tons of drones available in Gangster Vegas Mod APK for Android.


Unlimited purchases of health, armor and ammo


During the game, you will always get injured, so you need to go to the shop on the map screen during the mission and buy medical kits, armor and ammo during the mission. This means that tasks can be easily accomplished without much effort because you can always have more health. And to avoid you having no money to buy armor and ammo. The gangstar Mod APK provides the function of unlimited gold coins, so that you can buy anytime, anywhere and always be in a state of full life.



Unlimited weapon upgrades


If you want to buy a new gun, go for it. Weapons have become very important in Gangster Vegas Mod APK and you can easily upgrade them. Upgrading to enough firepower can make the difference between smashing enemies or getting squashed by them. Of course this also costs money, but in Gangster Vegas Mod APK it becomes very easy because you can upgrade weapons infinitely, which is very easy.


Are you ready to experience mafia life now? Download Gangster Vegas APK 2022 for Android now, you just need to download HappyMod and you can experience the fun of game gangstar. Wage war on your enemies now in this epic game. Become a legend and dominate Sin City by fighting, competing, gambling, winning in the game. Are you ready! Understand Download HappyMod Gangstar Mod APK!