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Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Version: 6.56.0
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App Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Package Name com.aim.racing
Genre Racing
Size 168.94 MB
Latest Version 6.56.0
MOD Info
Free Shopping/VIP
Update Wed Sep 14 2022

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK Download

Get behind the wheels of various cars and ride across the city streets. Become the top-notch driver and show everyone your incredible skills.

This is a Simulator


Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a simulator game, not an arcade game like all others. That means that the game car performs just like a real one, and you must pay attention to the road conditions you are having. The feeling of control over the vehicle changes as you drive on an asphalt road, a paved road, a wet road and so on. You can’t mindlessly drive at the top speed on a wet road full of cars, and knock everyone around you like it is featured in other car racing games. This game will help you to understand how a car performs in different environments and under different conditions. Therefore, you might see how a car would skid on the wet surface or even roll over if you would drop from a few meters. You can test it all without hurting anyone and learn what not to do in real life.

Twenty-six Cars for You to Try Out


Sit behind the wheels of twenty-six designed-with-details cars. The cars are easy to unlock. Simply complete a required distance, pay some coins or collect some blueprints on the way to unlock a new vehicle. You can drive sports cars, boogies, jeeps, racing cars, cabriolets and more. Each car can be customized the way you like. You can select car skin, type of paint (solid, metallic, matter or default), type and colour of tires.

Collect Them All


In Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you have three modes to select: traffic mode, no traffic mode and checkpoints mode. To complete the game in 100% you should unlock everything. For example, in traffic mode, you should collect 26 cars, beat 12 challenges and collect 35 blueprints. In checkpoint mode, you will race against time to reach the checkpoints set in the city at the shortest possible time. Remember, in this game your skills are the most important.

Open Tracks


Get the game now and show off your pro skills. Drive around the city where every district is different. In Extreme Driving Car Simulator, you don’t ride on closed tracks. The city is your track, and you are free to drive the way you like and complete the objective in the order selected by you. You will start in a bustling city, so you will drive between narrow streets full of slow driving cars, but once you pass a few districts you can reach an airport, which is a vast empty area for you to practice your drifting and stuns. Once you cross a tunnel you will hit an open area with unpaved roads and highways. The city features many locations for you to have fun. Once you unlock a new car or decide to repaint the current one, you can just ride to the garage and modify it.

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is extremely fun! Download Extreme Driving Car Simulator right now.

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