Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Version: 1.25.111
Unlimited Money
App Name Drone : Shadow Strike 3
Package Name com.reliancegames.drones3
Genre Action
Size 323.74 MB
Latest Version 1.25.111
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Unlimited Money
Update Thu May 26 2022


Please download and install the MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Drone: Shadow Strike 3 on HappyMod. The game has a lot of aircraft and unique items, you can get them without spending too much effort to make money.

Introduce about Drone : Shadow Strike 3

Today, as the entertainment industry grows, many developers choose war as the subject of creating products. Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is one of them. It is released by Tilting Point, in the action category, under the theme of a reconnaissance plane piloting simulation. Participating in this game, you will play the role of a soldier in a fierce war. You will be given commanders to destroy enemy bases and many other activities. Are you ready to go to war? Install Drone: Shadow Strike 3 on your Android device and start fighting now!

Get ready for your mission!

As soon as you join Drone: Shadow Strike 3, you are given the command to fly a reconnaissance plane and protect the army’s forces, when they are trying to infiltrate the enemy base. This is also the main task that you undertake throughout this game.

In fact, I found that Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is quite similar to Zombie Gunship Survival. And if you’ve played this game before, it’s easy to get confused that Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is a remake. But that is not really true. The game has its own features and fun. The mission system is dense, with more features, including events and real-time PvP mode. This is very much to look forward to!

In Drone: Shadow Strike 3, quests get more difficult as you dive deeper into the content. More targets, which move faster and harder to destroy. This game focuses on aiming speed and accuracy. In this respect, it is similar to Zombie Gunship Survival. You will have to show full control, aiming to win in each assigned mission.

How to control

The controls in Drone: Shadow Strike 3 are quite simple, even players who have never played can easily master in a short time.

The game’s console has two main functions, including weapon selection and firing action. To shoot more accurately, you will move the camera cum viewfinder of the plane. Thanks to the infrared devices installed on the camera, you can see the targets that need to be destroyed. To lock the target, you tap on the target, then click the bullet icon to shoot. Everything will be done automatically.

Professional reconnaissance aircraft system

Currently, Drone: Shadow Strike 3 has 10 aircraft models. They are designed based on actual models, and you can test them in the workshop (Hangar).

The MQ-1 Predator aircraft is provided by default for you to perform the mission. But then, when you win the campaign bonus, you can use it to unlock new models like the XQ-52, MQ-9 Predator, Sea Avenger or Bayraktar TB2.

Each plane has its own price. You can use in-game gold or dollar coins for payment. Of course, the more expensive a plane is, the more features, powerful and customizable it will be. Note that, in the workshop, the MQ-1C Gray Eagle model can only be purchased while you are an advanced player.

Upgrade and customize

As the missions get more difficult, you need good enough skill and a powerful plane to complete them. And here, we’re not talking about the major side. You can develop yourself as you play more games. Instead, we will talk about upgrading and customizing the planes that you will fly.

Drone: Shadow Strike 3 is integrated with the upgrade feature. Each aircraft has basic stats such as stealth, radar, defense, reload speed and firepower. As you upgrade, these stats will rise to a higher level, giving you a lot of advantages in battle.

Besides, you can also customize your plane by adding or replacing weapons. Weapons come in three types, including rockets, guns and cannons.

MOD APK version of Drone : Shadow Strike 3

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Finance is a pain in games. And we provide this MOD APK version to solve them. You can purchase more advanced aircraft and more powerful weapons.

How to use?

You need to turn off the Internet connection before entering the game to avoid blocking and blocking ads.

Download Drone : Shadow Strike 3 MOD APK for Android

The world is being destroyed by terrorists. Join Drone: Shadow Strike 3, become part of the army and destroy the terrorists now!