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Dino Tamers

Version: 2.13
Free Craft Free Research
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App Name Dino Tamers
Package Name com.FoxieGames.DinoProject
Genre Adventure
Size 91.95 MB
Latest Version 2.13
MOD Info
Free Craft Free Research
Update Sat Aug 06 2022

Go back to prehistoric times with the game Dino Tamers MOD APK (Free Craft, Reseach). The MOD version will help you survive easily.

Introduce about Dino Tamers

Dinosaurs are the oldest and most ferocious animals known to mankind. There have been many game developers who took this theme as inspiration for game content. Some have had an unexpected success, and Dino Tamers is a testament to this.

Join the world of Dino Tamers, you will be brought back to the Jurassic period – the most flourishing period of dinosaurs. Hidden behind those bushes, no one knows there is a scary predator waiting for you. Are you brave enough to face off with the biggest creatures on Earth?


Dino Tamers is set in the Jurassic period, along with the fact that humans are brought back to the Prehistoric and living with ferocious dinosaurs. Unable to find a way back, humans learn to adapt to ancient environments, along with creatures they only see in museums.

However, humans gradually show their superior survival instincts, proving why they are masters of the Earth. They can tame dinosaurs, turn them into mounts and even hunt other dinosaurs.

In general, living in prehistoric times full of dangers like that, you need a dinosaur to protect yourself. So the first thing to do is go hunting. Dino Tamers has provided you with several tame orbs, along with a series of detailed instructions. You need to find the target first, then move and hide through the bushes to advance behind them, and finish up by throwing the device at the dinosaur’s tail. If successful, they are yours.

You have a base in the woods. It houses tamed dinosaurs, a lab and a PvP arena. We’ll look at each one in turn, when they are unlocked.


Dino Tamers has a huge dinosaur collection covering a wide variety of types. They come in giant shapes and sizes, just like what you saw in Jurassic World. But just because a dinosaur is bigger doesn’t mean it’s stronger and harder to catch.

From my experience, carnivorous dinosaurs often yielded higher combat effectiveness than herbivores. Although they do not have a large body, it is enough to terrify other species. Typically the T-Rex, the tyrannical dinosaur. Some other breeds you might consider are the Raptor and Spinizard. However, they are quite far away, where you can’t even get to. You will have to perform missions of the system to expand the scale of the hunt.

PvP Arena

Not only is hunting for dinosaurs, but Dino Tamers also integrates role-playing elements so you can compete with other real players. And instead of using weapons, you will bring your dinosaurs to the field to fight.

The dinosaurs were built in quite a bit of detail. They have their own unique combat skills, along with a stat system that includes Stamina, Attack and Ability. When these stats are higher, you will get a higher win rate.

The game field is located on your base camp. However, at the time of entering the game, they are not unlocked.

Evolve your dinosaurs

To make the battles in PvP mode more attractive and dramatic, Dino Tamers has added an evolution feature, allowing your dinosaur to change shape and combat ability.

More specifically, you will have to collect ingredients and money, then go to the lab area to proceed with evolution. Their genes will be altered, and thus their abilities become superior.


There are quite a few events in Dino Tamers, typically taming rare dinosaurs, or hunting giant mammoths. For the most part, these operations are quite difficult. But they do bring achievements and a host of valuable rewards.

MOD APK version of Dino Tamers

MOD features

  • Free Craft
  • Free Research

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Join Dino Tamers, you will be transported back to the prehistoric era and living with the dinosaurs. The prehistoric world was truly dangerous and frightening, however, those fears will soon turn into excitement as you learn how to tame ferocious dinosaurs.

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