Company of Heroes

Version: 1.1.1RC5-android
App Name Company of Heroes
Package Name com.feralinteractive.companyofheroes_android
Genre Strategy
Size 3.87 GB
Latest Version 1.1.1RC5-android
Update Tue Dec 14 2021


Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes Mod Apk is a World War II-themed strategic battle mobile game. The theme of the game is very exciting. First of all, you need to recruit the best soldiers to help you fight, cultivate their combat capability and easily defeat other players. Then you can plunder their resources and strengthen your troops in Company of Heroes.

Company of Heroes, the latest strategy game of Feral Interactive, is a great choice for ones who love strategy games with world war themed! Company of Heroes is a role-playing mobile game of World War II simulated adventure fighting.

It has a realistic 3D interface, easy fighting and killing, participates in the game as a leader, recruits more soldiers with characteristics, completes a series of breakthrough tasks, wantonly grabs more resources, consolidates the army's strength, completes the killing by means of multiple wars, truly feels the essence and blood of World War II, controls the war situation well, and becomes the strongest national soldier.

Company of Heroes is a collection of very fun war mobile games, which brings players a very real war game, leads their own troops to fight, uses their own tactics to destroy all the enemies faster, and completes their own team's tasks faster. It is very interesting and designed.

Company of Heroes is the development of Relic's next generation' essence' engine, combined with the' HAVOK' physical engine technology, so the game screen is very amazing. No matter the delicate war scenes, realistic light and shadow effects, delicate 3D modules of characters and weapons, various effects of explosion flames and smoke, etc., Company of Heroes makes player's eyes shine at first sight.


As for the game story of Company of Heroes, the whole "Company of Heroes" takes the European battlefield during World War II as the main axis, and takes D-Day of Normandy as the beginning of the battle, commanding two American companies and leading the troops to take the lead in the intense and exciting combat operations in the European battlefield. It is necessary to advance all the way from Normandy to the north, and engage in a fierce battle with the tenacious Nazi German army. Moreover, the combat tasks in the game are all combined with real battles, so that the whole Company of Heroes game can be richer in performance. Company of Heroes is a well-received and popular World War II game, which perfectly combines the fast-developing campaign, team-based strategy and dynamic combat environment, and redefines the real-time strategy game.


Online multiplayer battle

"Company of Heroes" can play multiplayer online battles through the Internet. Players can play countries with different positions such as the Allies and the Axis, and use their unique weapons in history to suppress the enemy, such as the Sherman chariot of the Allies and the 88cm anti-aircraft gun of the Axis. Since it is a real-time strategy game, players must build a base for recruiting reinforcements, build military units of various infantry units and vehicles, and upgrade weapon technology through research and development.

Powerful and realistic AI

"Taking a favorable cover position" has always been the emphasis of tactical games, and players who can skillfully use cover, fire suppression and side attack can survive in the hellish battlefield. The infantry AI in Company of Heroes is powerful and realistic.

Every soldier in the game is unique. They have different body shapes, faces and different weapons, just like the infantry squad in 2(Call of Duty 2). When they step into enemy territory, they will start to take a squatting position. If the enemy attacks by surprise, the soldiers will face this sudden situation, take cover immediately without the player's command, and start attacking the enemy from behind the bunker. The whole battle process is quite realistic and smooth, and players will find that these soldiers are really professionally trained in military affairs.


Rich plot, great background map, and great operation to experience the overall situation. Strategic round, perfect defensive deployment, to release powerful combat effectiveness. Fight with players all over the world and defeat your opponents in an invincible way. Strategy, perfect crit, real-time strike, and endless adventures. Incorporate all kinds of adventure elements, and crush more enemy troops with a great fighting experience. Restore a real battlefield, the strength explodes, the blood interacts, and starts a new exploration process. Thousands of enemies are waiting for you outside the battlefield! Join Company of Heroes, back to the cruelest war in history from 1939-1945. Prepare yourself and the army with a smart and sharp strategy.