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Castle Cats

Unlimited money
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App Name Castle Cats
Package Name com.pocapp.castlecats
Genre Adventure
Size 145.93 MB
Latest Version
MOD Info
Unlimited money
Update Sat Oct 01 2022

The publisher PocApp Studios once again pulls me to a game all about cats, a game call Castle Cats MOD APK. Although the original purpose was to find a cat game to introduce to a friend, I get caught up in the war of the cat kingdom, because everything in here is too cute.

Introduce about Castle Cats

Battle with satan in the Cat Kingdom

Why did I play Castle Cats?

It’s common knowledge that everyone around thinks you obviously know about all kinds of games when you are into mobile games. For example, my friend from college days texted “Just broke up with my boyfriend. Introduce to me a game that you often play”.

Suddenly I remembered that she was in love with cats. Her family had three little cats and then took care of them like they were children. So, after a while of searching, I sent the link of the Idle game on this soft topic: Castle Cats with the message “Download this game and play now then tomorrow you will have some cats to heal your soul”. She calmed down and thanked me with a cup of milk tea a week later. And now I will tell you why I chose Castle Cats to send her to play.

Game for cat lovers

First, it’s like its name: this game contains everything about cats and cats. From the main character to the supporting role, from the hero to the devil, all are cats with different genres, shapes, and sizes. Also, for customizing pretty or fur color, eye color, costumes, accessories and so on, it will be an attractive gift for those who love cats (like my friend).

Adorable storyline

Playing this cat-themed game, you will be the leader of a group of feline heroes including Conan the Knight, Catniss the Archer and Francis the Mage. Your mission is to fight together against the evil Evil Pugomancer to restore the peaceful kingdom of Catania. You and your team of heroes will have to go through fifteen intense rounds to put an end to the dark evil reign.

Big Boss

The cast of monsters from the evil Pugomancer is very rich and diverse They have all kinds of cats from zombie cats, to flying cats, monster cats, robot cats… and each one has its own evil ability. They are muscular, have different moves and become increasingly aggressive in later battles. You must be careful. Although there is a self-combat mechanism, with an increasingly complex number of enemies, I recommend that you play by yourself in the following rounds to hope that your team can win.

The cat army type is even more diverse

It’s a game that perfectly blends hero fighting, cat collecting, and classic role-playing storytelling. But it all revolves around the cat kingdom with all the gods, the enemies are cats having all shapes and sizes.

To be able to defeat the zombie army, the fierce cat monster of the devil, you must create your own guild with brave cat warriors. Through the victories, you will recruit a total of more than two hundred unique cat heroes. Each of them has its own skills and characteristics like Luna Sparkles, Cassandra, Emma, Shen, Catniss, Nessie, Howard, Morrigan… Each time a recruit is received, the leader will need to send it. They will participate in large and small tasks to train their spirit and upgrade each person’s ability.

From the beginning of this game, you have been guided by an Alchemist cat. And throughout the journey you will continue to rely on the magic winch Alchemy to create unique cats for your group. In addition, every time you defeat an enemy, you will be able to loot their items, and get points to continuously upgrade and develop skills for your army. The game has more than one hundred items for you to collect and freely upgrade your army. Each person seems to create an extremely colorful and interesting Guild.

The good thing is that each cat in here has its own shape and color. For cat lovers, this is already an intense pleasure. Besides, when playing the game, you will also discover many more interesting things with upgrade screens and collect new recruits.

Leisurely play the game

The game belongs to the Idle genre. Just put the cat heroes in position and let them hit themselves. When you come back, you still collect all the rewards, even upgrade, and get new powerful cats. If you want to return at any time, this game is always ready to welcome the return of the true leader.

MOD APK version of Castle Cats

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems

Download Castle Cats MOD APK for Android

After reading the introduction, do you have enough reasons to play Castle Cats? Cute color cat fighting game with lovely images, and rich cat squads is very leisurely and suitable for everyone.

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