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Version: 2.6.260
Unlimited Money
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App Name Beholder
Package Name com.creativemobile.beholder
Genre Adventure
Size 373.81 MB
Latest Version 2.6.260
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Tue Aug 02 2022

Beholder MOD APK is the story of the poor lives in a country with no real freedom, where all civil rights are taken away and everyone can’t make their own decisions. This hardcore puzzle game will make you contemplate a lot.

Introduce about Beholder

Trust and Freedom have never been more luxurious 

Freedom is sometimes too luxurious

You know, after seeing a country being invaded and their people are pushed into chaos, we suddenly realize that freedom is sometimes too much of a luxury. Some people can’t enjoy it even if they search for it their whole life. That nightmare is thought of only in movies, but in real life, it’s not uncommon. What should we do if we fall into such a situation? Let’s play Beholder to find the answer.

Beholder opens the context of a country that looks normal outside, but inside it is a dark wormhole. Instead of protecting the country and eliminating the injustices, the leadership and management classes of the country themselves use force and all tricks to deprive all people of their freedom and safety.

In this dark country, all your actions and gestures are monitored and carefully recorded. If any reactionary or oppositional thought appears, you will immediately be arrested indefinitely or worse, be dealt with by various means of force. Once someone is arrested, no one knows where that person is, whether he is alive or dead. He disappears as if he never existed. Of course, no freedom here.

The detailed story is darker than you can imagine

You will play as Carl, a middle-aged man having a happy family with a wife and two children. Because the government wants to be autocratic and coercive but does not have enough manpower, they find many henchmen and spread them out to different places to secretly monitor the people in that area. You are chosen to be the controller of an old apartment complex. Everyone knows that the previous controller has been ‘erased’ because of his opposition to the regime. 

Your task throughout the game is to Monitor, Listen, Observe, and Trap all the residents in the apartment complex. And any suspicious actions will be reported to the authorities immediately.

Carl will not only constantly observe, identify strange behaviors, and decide whether to report to the boss or not. But he also is constantly challenged by a series of tough questions that the game offers. Specifically, because he has the role of a building manager, he must constantly ask for personal details of each person to learn about their background, identity, interests, aspirations, and secret thoughts. During that process, through observation, searching, learning from information, books, pictures, documents, you give the answers. These things are sometimes done clearly with the people’s consent, sometimes surreptitiously and even secretly done without their consent. Well, to gain credibility and get a salary, Carl has to become a real “loyal dog”.

But what exactly will you do in the game? You will sit in the office, receive orders from your superiors, monitor each person in the apartment complex, and report their move. But to do this, you must buy specialized tracking devices and look for all documents, information, and images related to the “reactionary thoughts” of the people.

The difficulty is not always in the heavy work but also in the pressure to make money. Carl was not rich; his life was always struggling because he had to pay for his family. So, with the small amount of money earned, you must consider everything (including basic needs, basic material things, morality, and conscience) before deciding. When you put all of those on the evaluation, you’ll understand what you need to do. For example, you need to decide to buy a hearty meal for the family for the weekend OR use the money to buy a tracking device (or use that money to open a small party inviting tenants over and get information from them).

You must choose cleverly so that you do not do too many unethical things while still not opposing or delaying the orders of your superiors. Otherwise, you will pay the price with your safety.

Obey the command or express compassion?

Well, you are always dominated by the torment in your heart, between love and reason, between responsibility and humanity. Knowing that there will be costs to pay, knowing that you have only one way is to obey the orders of your superiors. But sometimes the compassions in you rise. You sometimes sympathize with the plight of those people who are losing all their freedom.

Remember, like in real life, each choice and decision you make in each moment will bring you different futures, most of which are not very bright. In this game, once you accept to work for the government, everyone knows that your life will not be very pleasant. Playing this game, it is hard to say win or lose. Carl can end up in prison because of embezzlement/ not fulfilling his duties/ or worse, being assassinated/ beaten by the police. Just work to be most comfortable with your conscience. 

Graphics and sound

Beholder is not only hardcore but also very dark. Throughout the game are gloomy walls, sad roads, and black shadows walking around. They make everything look like a soulless corpse. Along with them is the sound that is squeaking and dreary. Just looking at the images and hearing the sound is enough to imagine the tragedy of the people here.

The main color tones, of course, are black, white, and gray. You can’t see the people’s nose, mouth, and edges on the face, but only their faint black shadow and big round, lifeless eyes. Anyone can be a spy; anyone can be the hound of the corrupt government. In such a life, you inherently cannot trust anyone, anything. Just like that, every progression in the game takes place sequentially. Many times, I feel suffocated. Those images and eyes, to be honest, are sometimes “overwhelming”.

Don’t skip part 2 of Beholder.

MOD APK version of Beholder

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You can buy even when you don’t have enough money.

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It is a picky game. Although it is dark, there are many opportunities for you to choose. I don’t know how the ending will be, but now I feel the game is very good. It’s been a long time since I played a mobile game that messed up my brain like this.

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