Beach Buggy Racing

Version: 2022.03.14
Unlimited Money
App Name Beach Buggy Racing
Package Name com.vectorunit.purple.googleplay
Genre Racing
Size 84.41 MB
Latest Version 2022.03.14
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Tue May 17 2022



Beach Buggy Racing is one of these fast-paced and family-friendly racing games which helps you to unwind. Enjoy a colourful and children-friendly animated graphic and relaxing music. It is a perfect game for you during lunch break or to let your kids play. Check out Beach Buggy Racing on happymod! Happymod, happy game!


The race rules are simple in Beach Buggy Racing. Race the other drivers to the finish line. You can use the powerups you pick up on the way to get ahead or blast other drivers. You can also use a character's special power once per race to get an advantage. There are eight race series for you to win. Each race series consists of a few races. Maps are colourful, friendly and well-designed. All of them have the same motive of holidays, tropics, sunshine beaches which will make you dreamlike.


Eight cars are waiting for you to drive in Beach Buggy Racing. Each of them looks different, have different construction and has different pros and cons. You can pick a Beach Buggy car to feel the wind, a powerful and strong Rock Stomper or a speedy Lambini. Each car can be customized according to your liking. You can improve acceleration, top speed, handling, strength. You can also paint your car and change its decals to make a unique racing car.


When you race in Beach Buggy Racing, you can pick up special power-ups which give you an advantage over others. Remember to use them wisely. There are twenty-seven single-use power-ups available in the game. Each of them has a different purpose. Fireworks and Tiki Seekers are missiles that detonate on targets eliminating other drivers. Lightning strike and boost give you a powerful blast of electricity or nitro accelerating your car. A shield can protect you against missiles and bombs launched by others. There are many combinations in Beach Buggy Racing, so think wisely when and how to use them


Ten characters are waiting for you to select. Each character has a different background and special powers. 

  • Rez - a silent guy who can burn the rubber
  • McSkelly - a ghostly pirate who can drive through cars and weapons
  • Disco Jimmy - dancer who infects opponents with the urge to boogie
  • B'Zorp - an alien who can teleport you into opponent’s place
  • Oog-oog - a sorcerer who confuses other drivers
  • Benny - a mysterious guy in a rabbit suit who fire giant carrots
  • El Zipo - quick driver who can make racers see stars
  • -Leilani - a nature lower who can use flowers to stop an opponent's way
  • Beach bro - chilled out dude who can bounce opponents high into the sky
  • Roxie Roller - a boxer smack the others


The game contains a few basic modes like all other racing games such as career, championships, quick race, daily challenges, and on mode which outstands. This mode is the split-screen mode. Very few mobile games offer this option. Grab a couple of friends, some snacks, controllers and turn your mobile phone into a game console. Play with your friends on a couch in the same room, just like when you were a kid. 


Download Beach Buggy Racing and chill out racing through sunny tropical beaches. Use your power-ups and special abilities to take an advantage over opponents. Invite your friends and play with them on one screen. Download Beach Buggy Racing on happymod! Happymod, happy game!