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Beach Buggy Racing 2

Version: 2022.08.09
Unlimited Money
Download (186.55 MB)
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App Name Beach Buggy Racing 2
Package Name com.vectorunit.cobalt.googleplay
Genre Racing
Size 186.55 MB
Latest Version 2022.08.09
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Fri Sep 02 2022


Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod apk comes back! Play the most crazy arcade racing game once again. If you have ever played Beach Buggy Racing Mod  then you will know that this is a game suitable for people of all age set on tropical island. Pick your flamboyant character and sit behind the wheel of speedy cars to outrace your opponents. There is only one rule: no breaks. Download Beach Buggy Racing 2 from and play it now!


Do not worry to leave the phone to your kids, nothing bad will happen and you don’t need to supervise the game content. The 3D graphic is user friendly, animations are eye-catching, the game doesn’t feature violence or vulgar language. Characters are amicable and cute. You can play it with your family and friends. Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod is a game for everyone despise age, sex and interest. You can download the game from happymod.io and give it a try.



Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod features beautiful 3D graphic, pretty animations, race tracks set on tropical islands and relaxing music. You will feel the sea breeze while racing against AI or human opponents. The game will help you to recall your best summer holidays. 



In Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mod you can pick your driver. There are fourteen amicable characters waiting for you to pick and unlock. Each character has a unique background, animations and ultimate skill. 

  • Rez – a raccer boy wo loves burning rubber. He is the basic character and unlocked from the beginning of the game.
  • Beach bro – the chilled king of the beach bums. He can bounce the opponents high into the sky.
  • Mikka – unhinged and amicable girl who can launch monster heads slowing cars down.
  • Leilani – a flower lover who also enjoys surfing and tattos. Her flower power can stop opponents.
  • Disco Jimmy – he will let your feel the dance fever and infest other players with the urge to boogie.
  • B’Zorp – an extraterrestrial alien from light years away. He can lock on another car and teleport you into another car’s place.
  • BeatBot – another music lover, a master DJ and a robot.
  • Roxie Roller – a roller derby riot girl who can smack the other drivers to the rails.
  • Clutch – a mysterious nomad of the wastelands who can toss cherry bombs.
  • Oog-oog – a powerful Tiki sorcerer who can cast a Tiki curse which can confuse other players.
  • El Zipo – a wrestler as quick as lightning and as strong as a jaguar.
  • McSkelly – an undead ghostly pirate lost at sea who can summon the power of Davy Jones.
  • Benny – a guy in rabbit suit who shouldn’t be underestimated. Watch out his rapid carrot cannon!
  • Mr. Happy – a ghost rider with a pumpkin head, a Halloween lover who can surprise opponents with spooky pumpkins. 



In Beach Buggy Racing 2 you will get a chance to drive many more cars than in the previous installment. At present you can unlock as many as 52 vehicles. Each car has different parameters giving you a unique driving experience. There are four parameters: top speed, acceleration, handling and touchgness. The car statistics increase when you increase your driver level. Among vehicles you can pick cars which resemble tanks, luxurious cars, pickups, rock climbers and many more. However, it is not all that the developers prepared in Beach Buggy Racing 2. Among cool unlockable cars you will find those with Hot Wheels license. Isn’t it the coolest racing game? You can grab it from happymod.io.



In Beach Buggy Racing 2 you can use more ways to outrace your opponents than simply being better and faster. You can literally launch them into air by hitting them with fireworks or Tiki Seeker. You can also send lighnights, tornados, fireballs and more. Except for offensive powerups, you can also find defensive and support powerups. You can summon a temporary shield or use boost juice to gain accelaration.



Dowload Beach Buggy Racing APK for Android from happymod.io now and feel the summer on your device. Unlock all cars, characters and powerups. Race against opponents and win the trophies!


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