Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

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App Name Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
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Genre Simulation
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Latest Version 2022.3.0
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Update Tue May 10 2022


Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has become such a lasting presence in the lives of young children, both men and women. It changed dramatically over the years to reflect and portray the ideal aesthetic of teenage demographers at the time. Today in our digital world, Barbie takes the form of a social media influencer who lives in the big dream house while creating vlogs and makeup tutorials. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a mobile game, that you can find on happymode, where players can discover Barbie's dream house. Along the way, players can also play with friends and Barbie pets. Check Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures on happymod!


The Barbie aesthetic of vibrant color and toy-like graphics has been around for a while, and the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure isn't that far off. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures in particular seem much more alive and livelier than usual.

In terms of graphics and animation, everything seems very unreal. Makes the game seem more like a doll. So, the graphics of the game are perfectly adequate.


In Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures from happymod, you can explore four areas: a large estate; a concert hall with a stage; a swimming pool by the beach; and a beauty salon. Each site has several simple and basic steps that you can take. For example, at the venue, you can change the look of the stage, choose a Barbie or one of her friends to make a dance routine, create a pattern from a series of dance moves, and then watch the show. In the residence, you can enter different rooms and carry different things, for example, cook with ingredients in the kitchen or try on different outfits in the bedroom. When you follow the basic instructions (for example, putting two ingredients in a pan to get something done, or choosing a matching outfit, etc.), you earn reward points.


After earning a certain number of reward points in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, you can claim a free gift. A gift box with fast arcade-style music appears in the center of the screen and you have to keep pressing it until it opens to reveal the prize. The rewards are things like wall decorations, food ingredients, kitchen utensils or paint colors etc. In the lower right corner of the game is a small phone icon with pop-up notification badges. When you press it, you can read your "Barbie Feed" which tells you how many likes and followers you have. You can also read messages or take pictures from the game (the frame seems to be moving). There is a button in the top left corner that leads to a list of other developer apps. At the bottom is a row of people you can select to enter the game, one of them is free (Barbie's friend "Nikki"). Characters have little thought bubbles that pop out asking you to find objects they think about - which gives you rewards if you find them. Every five minutes or so, a pop-up ad appears, requiring you to view it for about 5 seconds before manually exiting and returning to the game. There is a parent / settings area which is accessible by typing in the numbers - meaning any child of reading age will be able to do this with ease.