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ARK: Survival Evolved

Version: 2.0.28
Unlimited Money
Download (2.46 GB)
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App Name ARK: Survival Evolved
Package Name com.studiowildcard.wardrumstudios.ark
Genre Adventure
Size 2.46 GB
Latest Version 2.0.28
MOD Info
Unlimited Money
Update Tue Aug 09 2022

ARK Survival Evolved Mod APK is one of the hottest Android and PC games out there. In ark survival evolved APK Mod you can hunt with dinosaurs as well as hunt and craft things with weapons. This is a survival game where you start on a floating land with nothing but some basic clothes, but you will encounter danger and you have to figure out a way to survive in such an environment. Download HappyMod now to download the ark survival evolved mobile Mod APK!



Ark: Survival Evolved has always been very popular, and it's a haven for impressive Mods. There are already some complete conversion Mods out there that turn the Ark into a Pirate Island or a Pokemon Wild. It's really cool.


Ark: Survival Evolved Features Introduction


Catch dinosaurs


ARK: Survival Evolved is set in the tropical jungle, you can immerse yourself in the exciting hunting life of dinosaurs, it is always dangerous to act alone, you can join the recruitment team and complete the dinosaur hunting mission with everyone. You need to control your moods, you can't get nervous during such important moments, so you can tame them. You will get great satisfaction after taming the dinosaurs.




Wild exploration


The wild design of Ark: Survival Evolved is very good, and you can try all kinds of exciting things here. You can tame over 80 dinosaurs and use them against elephants, leopards or other giant animals. But it is worth noting that life in the deep forest is dangerous, you have to make yourself stronger and use special skills to survive. Don't forget to make new friends, and when you fight together, your worries will ease.


Build a base with friends


Strengthening the base is an excellent choice for players. The base is the safest place. Players should build many houses for themselves to rest, store food, and resist enemy attacks. In the base, you can discuss countermeasures with your friends to achieve a more sophisticated plan. Now you have more allies to fight many challenges together, so quickly build your base with your friends!


Perform tasks


Ark: Survival Evolved has a dedicated mailbox for receiving various notifications about in-game fun and quests to complete. When you complete various tasks, you will get corresponding rewards. Therefore, you can choose to complete the corresponding task according to your own needs. This will be an important clue for you to continue to develop new things.


Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK Features


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited everything
  • Unlock all levels
  • No ads


In the Ark Survival Evolved game, there are many moments that need to be paid to meet the survival moment during the experience. At this time, you need to pay a lot of time or money to complete your goal. This is often very annoying because users don't want to recharge gold coins in the game or take a very long time to get a rare weapon. So Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK has become a must-have for many players. In Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK you don't need to spend time or money to quickly experience everything you want.


Unlock all tools



I think you must be enjoying the joy of catching dinosaurs, but often there is a danger or probability of failure. In Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK version you can tame dinosaurs fast, with more than 100 species and dinosaur variants and many other amazing features. This will make your teammates have a lot of admiration for you.


Gather your army


ARK Survival Evolved In the game, you need to complete tasks with other players, which requires a lot of time and cooperation. In the Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK version, your own weapons can easily maximize Shanghai. You have to survive in this game by crafting weapons instead of being an easy prey for other humans, dinosaurs and other animals that inhabit the ark. Because you are Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK premium version, you don't need to make any effort, you have the strongest weapon in your starting state.


Ad-free version


Are you still troubled by the advertisements in the Ark Survival Evolved game, the existence of advertisements seriously affects the experience of the game. Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK version removes ads, so you can easily experience everything about Ark Survival Evolved, which is very comfortable.


In conclusion



ARK: Survival Evolved features a unique emerging multiplayer co-op and competitive fusion of the survival genre. To survive in this world, you need to find food, water and shelter. Building means using resources and helping protect you from some of the dangerous wildlife and potential enemies that roam the land. Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK version makes your experience more comfortable, you don't need to watch ads, and you have unlimited firepower or gold at the beginning of the game, and you have the maximum ability when you are level 1, which is really cool.


Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK Download FAQ


Q: How to get the Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK file?


You can get Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK version in HappyMod Mod APK and collect unlimited coins. HappyMod as the best Mod APK downloader, you can easily get all Mod APK including Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK.


Q: Is this game free or paid?


Ark Survival Evolved Mod APK game downloaded in HappyMod is completely free. Users of this game do not need to pay anything for this game. But in the original version, you paid for the content in it.


Well, now download HappyMod Mod APK 2022 latest version now, after installing HappyMod, you can start the journey of Ark Survival Evolved, download HappyMod now!

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