Anger of stick 5: zombie

Version: 1.1.71
Unlimited Gold Diamonds
App Name Anger of stick 5: zombie
Package Name jpark.AOS5
Genre Action
Size 49.7 MB
Latest Version 1.1.71
MOD Info
Unlimited Gold Diamonds
Update Sun Jul 03 2022



Anger of stick 5: zombie is a cool action game in which you will fight waves of enemies standing on your way. Fighting and graphic animations are similar to other stickman games you might be familiar with. The 2D graphic is very fine and animations of fightings are thrilling. If you like fighting action games, then Anger of stick 5: zombie is a game for you. The game can be downloaded from for free. Give it a try if you want to play a simple game which helps you to unwind.


In Anger of stick 5: zombie you will become a stick hero who will have to meet different objectives depends on a game mode. There are four game modes in Anger of stick 5: zombies. The first mode is the main mode in which you need to clear ten main stages out of enemies and rescue hostages within limited time. Another mode in Anger of stick 5: zombies in zombie mode in which you will fight zombies. However, beware of them. There are many types of zombies roaming in the city. Some of them are slow and easy to kill, but some are bigger and more bulky than you or carry firearms. The third mode available in the game is jump mode in which you will need to climb up all the time and fight enemies around. The screen is slowly moving up and if your character falls then you lose. The last mode in defense mode in which you need to defend a flag against waves of zombies. At your disposal are two stationary machine guns. 


In Anger of stick 5: zombie you basic weapon are your fists and legs. You can throw punches and kicks. However, you will quickly realize that zombies can infect you and some enemies will carry firearms. You will need to gear up as well. At your disposal is a powerful arsenal of firearms. You can grab such cool weapons as submachine Glock 18, assault riffle Tavor, shotgun, microgun, flame shot and more. Moreover, you can go medieval and purchase axes and swords to chop your enemies. If you need to team up, then you can buy friends who will protect you. Moreover you can buy a very cool robot dealing tons of damage and equipped with crazy firearms. Nobody will stand on your way. Each weapon in the game deals different amount of damage, have diffent speed, magazine and reload time. You can level them up to improve their statistics. 


Download Anger of stick 5: zombies on and gear up to clean waves of enemies. Play one of the coolest stickman games now! The game doesn’t take much space on your memory card and doesn’t require a high-end mobile phone, so you don’t have to worry about the technical requirements of the game. Simply download the game from and enjoy it now!