8 Ball Pool

Version: 5.8.1
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App Name 8 Ball Pool
Package Name com.miniclip.eightballpool
Genre Sports
Size 81.32 MB
Latest Version 5.8.1
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Hint Aim Lines
Update Wed Aug 03 2022


8 Ball Poll Apk Download

The game of billiards has become a leisure sport with a wide audience internationally, and many professional international competitions have also been formed. When it comes to pool simulators in the virtual world, 8 Ball Pool mod apk comes to most people's mind. What a familiar name to most billiard game lovers. This billiard-themed mobile game launched by Miniclip has a history of 9 years, but it is still sought after by many players today.


8 Ball Pool mod has generated over $400 million in developer revenue in just five years and has been downloaded over 460 million times worldwide. This is a very surprising result for a casual game, which intuitively proves its success. In this game, you can experience everything related to billiards. You can play billiards with people from different regions, and you can invite your friends to experience the charm of billiards. Whether you are already a billiard lover or want to try the game of billiards, 8 Ball Pool mod apk(8 Ball Pool mod 2022) is definitely your first choice. Let's score all the balls and become the best player.


As the name suggests, the ultimate goal of this game is to score an 8. After entering the game, a pool table will appear on the screen. Both sides of the game determine their own target ball according to the rules. If one of the players pockets all of his target balls into 8 pockets and then pockets the 8th ball, the player wins the game. It's important to happymod note that if you pocket the 8 by mistake, or knock it off the table during the game, you will lose the game.


Practice matches are a place for continuous learning and growth. If you want to improve your skills and win real battles before challenging other players, you can spend a little more time in practice sessions. In 1v1 mode, players will be matched with players of the same level by the system, which is a very fair way. Because both sides are at the same level, it is not easy to win or lose Happymod apk download. Matches in this mode tend to be intense, so players need to withstand a lot of pressure as well as skilled technique. 8-player tournaments are also a very interesting option, where you can play against 7 other players. The last player to win will have a chance to win a trophy and an exclusive club.


8 Ball Pool mod's unique reward mechanism makes the game even more intense. Whether in a 1V1 match or a tournament, both players need to bet with pool coins at the beginning of the game. After the game (8 Ball Pool mod apk download) is over, the winning side will get all the pool coins and the other side will have nothing. In-game pool coins can be used for many purposes, such as unlocking higher-level battles or purchasing new items such as clubs in the in-game store. This mechanic will give players more incentive to participate in the game, because if they lose, their gold coins will be lost, and no one wants that to happen.

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The graphics in the game are also very good, and players can see very fine cues with beautiful carvings and a variety of colors in the game. In addition to this, as the player's level increases, the venue for the game becomes gradually luxurious, and each location has a unique artistic feature. The game needs to be experienced. Only when you really enter the 8 Ball Pool mod and have a fierce duel with other players can you feel the charm of the 8 Ball Pool mod apk.