App Name WhatsAppPlus
Package Name com.whatsapp
Genre Communication
Size 54.66 MB
Latest Version
Update Sat May 21 2022

WhatsApp Plus


When it comes to Whatsapp Mods, what you must know is Whatsapp Plus. It is the best alternative to the official Whatsapp app. WhatsApp Plus APK contains tons of free features, download whatsapp plus atualizado 2022 by HappyMod now!



This is a behavior that has existed since the emergence of human beings, and it is also an ability that all things in the world must have. The world would be meaningless without it, this is communication. Whether it is between people, people and things, or people and nature, communication inevitably plays a major role in it.

Now, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of human society, the way of communication between people has also changed, and how to communicate efficiently has become a problem that humans have been solving and breaking through. WhatsApp is like this. generated in the background. But what can be downloaded via whatsapp plus gb is often very limited and whatsapp plus plays an important role.


Why WhatsApp Plus is so popular


First of all, this app will not charge you any fees at all. I believe that this free design alone is enough to make some people stop. Next, click on the download link provided by the official, download the APK installation package to your Android phone, click install, so you can use it. Here, you turn over your chat backup, just open the settings on the app, click on the chat, select the backup, and then wait for all the chats to be backed up, you can make a full backup again. The app has the same functionality as whatsapp and is designed exactly the same, you can seamlessly connect and it also has some other fresh features for you to learn about.



Rich theme settings

whatsapp plus atualizado has many nice theme settings, you can customize your interface, including text style, background color, and theme cards. The original program does not allow users to design their own. To know that a beautiful appearance is a pleasure to chat. You can download the themes you like, play freely according to your ideas, create your own exclusive interface, and show off with your friends. This will be a topic of communication between you.


Rich expression packs and expressions

The original app has added many emoticons to enrich the chat experience, but this app adds more emoticons on the original basis, and you can also customize your emoticons to make your communication more fun. However, you can only receive emojis that the original app didn't have if both parties were using the app. If you send your new emoji to a friend who is using the original app, he won't receive your emoji.



Hide online status

Download whatsapp plus with the latest version of HappyMod 2022, you can hide your online status so as not to destroy your chat status. Moreover, you can freely choose to hide a person or a group individually to protect your figure on the Internet from being discovered by others. It is our freedom to believe that this option will give a sense of privacy being protected.


File sharing settings

The original application can only upload files under 16M, which is a hindrance for some file sharers, who must find other ways to share their files with others. This application breaks through the 16M limit, allowing users to transfer 50M files. In addition to this, it also provides file Modification functions. The original app does not have this feature.



Chat cleanup

You can clear some chats you want to delete and some other records in the app


Hide recording status

This is an excellent feature design, you can hide your recording status from others


Chat auto-responder

You can set up chat automatic replies, set your reply to the person who needs it, and make your efficiency get an amazing boost


Nice wallpaper

Do you feel that your chat page is too monotonous, gb whatsapp plus provides you with rich wallpapers, you can set a unique wallpaper background for each chat interface with other people, you can speak freely in the chat background you create.



History and logs

It's an eye-opening feature, and it's not something the original app could offer. All your history records will be saved for you, which is undoubtedly an amazing design for users who like to record.


Rich font styles

In baixar whatsapp gb plus, you can freely choose your font attributes, change its color size, this will be your chat message can catch the eye of others and show your personality.



Share function

You can share your beautiful photos or wonderful videos with your friends. This feature breaks through the limitations of the original application and allows you to gain more sharing experience. I believe you will love this feature.


WhatsApp Plus Mod APK Summarize


  • If you want to show your personality, download gb whatsapp plus
  • If you want to create your theme, download whatsapp plus
  • If you want to share your files, download baixar whatsapp gb plus
  • If you want to have other fun, don't hesitate to download whatsapp plus baixar



This application enriches the functions that the original application does not have, and optimizes some other settings, breaking through some limitations in the original application, and I believe it is still a useful communication software. However, if you are after the original experience and don't have much requirements for some functions, then whatsapp plus may not be suitable for you. The final decision is still in your hands, I believe you will have your own judgment and choose the most suitable product for you. Download whatsapp plus with HappyMod now!