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Alight Motion

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App Name Alight Motion
Package Name com.alightcreative.motion
Genre Video&Music
Size 104.15 MB
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Update Mon Oct 03 2022


Alight Motion


Alight Motion Mod APK is a video and animation editor. By enabling this editing tool on the user's mobile device, ordinary users can also create professional animations and videos. In this app, you can create your own video and animation clips with powerful editing tools and stunning visual effects. You can grab any shot at will, or draw directly into your device, and create stunning videos from it.



What is Alight Motion?


Alight Motion is a video editing application developed by Alight Creative. This app has always been a top choice for users in the video editing app category. First, because of its simple operation process, everyone can easily get started. The second is because the app is completely free. You can download it for free on HappyMod. Users can download aplikasi alight motion pro APK for professional video editing processing, or composite videos from different photos according to their own preferences.



Many unique and effective video editing effects


Login Alight Motion pro can be used for effect editing of videos and images. By adding eye-catching effects, borders and shadows, your videos will become more unique and stand out from other videos. Especially Alight Motion also provides distortion effects (distortion/warp) to make your video unique. These include commonly used effects like swirls, wave twists or pinch/bulge to make photos bulge or indent. Blending Modes can also be used to blur or add depth to your video.

Users can freely adjust the timing of animations or special effects, and use multiple different blending effects in the same video. For professional video editors, everyone knows the importance of color to video, because it can express the emotional color of the video or the effect of the scene in the video. You can adjust the tone of long videos with colorize and highlight effects.


Powerful tool


Download Alight Motion can create layers for editing free with vector graphics tools. It supports vector and bitmap editing, it allows you to create various animations and graphics with both vector and bitmap, and it is capable of vector graphics editing directly on your phone. It makes it easy to add numerous layers of graphics, video and audio. Users can even select, alter or build their own time curves in presets to make the motion of animated videos smoother. It has over two thousand different fonts that will make your videos even more refreshing. Users can even add their own fonts to the application.


www mediafire com alight motion pro is also equipped with a complete and powerful editor and animation system with a variety of visual effects at your disposal. Freely add arbitrary border and shadow effects to your animation projects. When you create your own animations, feel free to enjoy the wide variety of visual effects and color corrections in the app. With Alight Motion, you can arbitrarily resize your video to common video sizes such as 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3.


When you frequently edit videos and create animations with Alight Motion Mod APK, it remembers your preferences while editing. You can make video editing more convenient and uniform by accessing its shortcuts. That is, users can save their preferred elements and effects in video editing into specific groups for use in future projects. Therefore, you can take advantage of this feature to unify your own video styles more easily.



Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK


Of course, we're sure you want to know the main benefits and features of Alight Motion for Android. Fortunately, there are plenty of animators or videographers for any style. Check them out here:

First of all, what is the most important thing about doing animation? layer. There are multiple layers available. You can combine these layers for additional graphics or animations.

  1. Keyframe animations are also freely accessible via settings or options.
  2. There are tons of visual effects to work on on the app!
  3. There are color correction options to get the look, style and shadows intelligently.
  4. In addition, there are gradient fill and solid color option settings.
  5. Take advantage of shadow effects and border effects. Get surreal, cartoon style, anime style or whatever animation style you like!
  6. You can edit and create a variety of vector graphics for specific styles of animation.
  7. Smooth motions and specific movements are made easier with preset animation options.
  8. The motion blur effect is very realistic. Because it's blurred based on the speed of realism.
  9. Additionally, you can export MP4 video files and even optionally add GIF.
  10. If you haven't finished making your video, there are other editing options that will continue to work for yourlater editing.



How to download Alight Motion Pro APK no watermark

You can download APK alight motion from HappyMod APK download. You can find AM Pro in HappyMod 2022 lastest Mod APK. Download HappyMod can get all the application installation packages in the app store.


Get HappyMod download can easy get AM Pro no watermark. This allows you to focus more on the video editing process and avoid the harassment of ads.


When people are looking for a fast and efficient way to edit animation and motion graphics, Alight Motion is the obvious choice for portable use. And, it works on most mobile devices, be it Android, iOS or iPad without issue. What's more, it has a rich variety and effective features that can be used to create beautiful animations. So it's the icing on the cake for your collection of great video editors.


Also, the Alight Motion Mod APK is fully unlocked and completely free on HappyMod, so you can enjoy creating animations to the fullest.



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