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WatermelonBlock partners with HappyMod


AI sentiment that knows what the market is thinking.

HappyMod is proud to announce a partnership with WatermelonBlock. Leveraging the power of big data and artificial intelligence, WatermelonBlock is designed to assist traders of all levels of experience, making investing in cryptocurrency and ICOs simple. You don’t have to be an experienced trader to recognize that cryptocurrency can be extremely profitable. In gaining trading expertise, traders spend hours of resourcing and analyzing opportunities. WatermelonBlock offers market solutions for time-poor investors, helping investors to gain market insights with ease and simplicity.

WatermelonBlock App

WatermelonBlock provides insights in an easy-to-use application, showing investors real-time and unbiased cryptocurrency insights in just a matter of seconds! So, how does it work? The app utilizes AI to scan global and social media to gain a feel of what the market is thinking and feeling at any given time. After IBM Watson’s AI evaluates all the data in real-time, a score is generated highlighting the relative strength of cryptocurrencies and ICOs, providing investors with easy-to-follow insights in the market.

WatermelonBlock App

The WatermelonBlock App provides  both free and premium functions. The WatermelonBlock (WMB) token acts as a utility token within the platform, allowing investors to purchase exclusive premium functions. The most exciting function in the development pipeline is the WatermelonBot– an automated bot that invests on behalf of the user according to their personal preferences. The app will include an integrated digital wallet. Branching out from the crypto-market, WatermelonBlock will be developing WatermelonAnalytics – a business sentiment analyzer that allows users to weigh the sentiment of any given industry, subsets of keywords, hashtags and global sentiment.

Read all about the app, the functions and the roadmap in the whitepaper!

So, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain?

Just like humans, Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns from experience. The difference is AI can learn and perform human-like tasks on a much larger scale and much more accurate than humans will ever be able to. In this case, WatermelonBlock uses the AI computing power of IBM Watson to read and categorize both social and traditional media big data sets. These datasets are used to extract keywords, hashtags and metadata terms related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The core processor becomes smarter and more accurate as it learns from data and trends over time.

WatermelonBlock uses proprietary algorithms to calculate a percentage, creating a real-time index score known as the Melon Score. In the second phase of the app to be released in 2019, these insights will be used by the WatermelonBot to execute real-time trades based on personal investment preferences.

WatermelonBlock (WMB) tokens are built on the NEM platform. Chosen for its scaling capability, NEM will provide WatermelonBlock with a secure platform for decentralization, based on the same blockchain technology that is used by global banks.


Want to learn more about WatermelonBlock, or would you like to get in touch with the team? We would love to welcome you to our Telegram Community Channel, where the HappyMod Team will answer all your questions, provide you with the necessary information and keep you up-to-date.

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