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HappyMod | Young Blockchain Startup looking for Developers

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HappyMod is looking for solution-oriented developers who, together with us, want to work on the development side of awesome blockchain related projects. We are a growing company within the blockchain sphere that works hard and is eager to create, develop, market and sustain products and projects to increase world adoption of the blockchain technology.

We believe that building a blockchain foundation is going to change the society we live in and will play a huge role in the future of technology. By helping to build this foundation we aim to become one of the leading companies that work with blockchain technology to create a better world. Our vision is focussed on teaching, supporting and simplify the use of cryptocurrency to evolve into mass adoption.

You will be assisting in the development of various awesome products, you will be able to go in all directions as far as programming language is concerned, as long as the result is a nice and working product. For achieving this you will be part of a team of passionate developers from all over the world who see no limits and great challenges instead of tasks.

What do we offer?

– A full time job from a remote location
– An opportunity to work in a very friendly and open (online) work environment, together with a team of passionate professionals from all over the world
– An opportunity for personal and professional growth
– An opportunity to learn and improve your knowledge of blockchain

What are the requirements?

– You are motivated and passionate about the profession and always open to learn new things and techniques
– You are satisfied with working remote and being able to schedule your own hours, tasks and responsibilities
– You are a real team player and can communicate well with others
– You know how to program object-oriented
– You have knowledge of Javascript, PHP, HTML(5) and CSS(3), including the knowlegde on how to work with CSS preprocessors
– You have experience with a front-end framework, such as Angular, ReactJS or Vue.js
– You ensure that accurate, clear and complete documentation is maintained
– You have a Bachelor in Applied Science or at least two years of working experience

Does this sound interesting, fun and do you want to become a part of a fast-growing company? Let us know by sending an email to info@happymod.io!


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