Engagement Token: Publishing is Dead, Long Live Publishing

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Engagement Token: Publishing is Dead, Long Live Publishing


Few industries have been as dramatically altered as the publishing industry with the development of the internet. With much of the world now relying on the World Wide Web as their primary source of news and other information, publishers have had to fundamentally change their approaches towards advertising and improving engagement with their reader base. This massive paradigm shift has not come without its host of issues.

Blind to advertisements

It has been nearly impossible to spend any amount of time on the internet without noticing that advertising has become a major component for online content publishers. Ads now occupy a significant portion of real estate on their websites, and create cluttered pages that are less than pleasing to the eyes of the average viewer. This sort of bombardment of advertisements has rendered a large portion of users blind to them, as they have become so accustomed to seeing them, and a lot of them do not even pertain to their interests. Others have simply installed ad-blockers to remove them entirely. As a result, Facebook and Google have become titans in the advertising world. Targeting advertising algorithms adopted or created by these two companies control the flow of online advertising budgets.

Engagement Platform

Our partners at Engagement Token are offering an alternative for publishers and users alike, providing a platform that will foster connection between users, publishers, and advertisers, in a way that is rewarding for all parties. Their platform rewards interaction with publisher content in the form of their Engagement Tokens (which uses Ethereum ERC-20 standard). The tokens can be earned through content, posting comments, and other online activities, and publishers have the full capability to set these rewards. These tokens can then be used to purchase advertising, upvote comments, or sold to third parties that wish to use them to perform these activities.

While the majority of quality online content still originates from newspapers and other serial publications, engagement has moved from those sites and on to social networks over time. These social networks have since monetized the engagement of other’s content on their own websites. Engagement Token reconnects publishers with their users, and incentivizes and rewards interaction on their websites. The platform also provides advertisers full visibility into their audience and website activity to assist with

Unlike a majority of other ICOs, EGT already has an active and fully functional platform. The platform has a user base of over 4 million people, with more than 18 million monthly engagements. The team has also already acquired an incredibly impressive client list, including industry leaders such as the LA Times, Chicago Tribute, and Baltimore Sun. We at HappyMod have taken great pleasure in providing our moderation and community management services to their incredibly experienced team. They were able to raise over a third of their goal just during the presale, and their public sale is now live, can be found on their website.

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