HappyMod Partners with DISCIPLINA

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HappyMod Partners with DISCIPLINA

HappyMod Partners with DISCIPLINA

HappyMod is proud to announce yet another partnership with a team presenting revolutionary block-chain solutions to long-standing problems of our time. Developed by TeachMePlease and former Cardano developers, DISCIPLINA will dramatically improve the realms of HR and education by offering a multifunctional blockchain built for the purpose of creating a unified register of academic and professional qualifications. The register will be used to generate a scoring system for every user on the platform. This platform will also include a host of other tools that will greatly improve the efficiency and longevity of this type of data.

Due to a lack of unified register, it has been nearly impossible for any efficient exchange of data on academic achievement between educational institutions. Paper documentation also presents a high level of risk of loss for said institutions. Paper versions are also easily falsified or alterable, which contributes to a low level of trust in the entire system. Storing data on the DISCIPLINA network allows for quick retrieval and transfer, solving the issue of efficient movement of data between institutions. DISCIPLINA will also allow grades to be awarded via online testing and automatically upload them on to the blockchain. Recorded data on the blockchain is impossible to alter or forge, thus solving the risk of loss or falsification. Opportunities to monetize archived data on student academic achievements and qualifications through offering them to recruiters will also be a key feature for education institutions on the DISCIPLINA platform.

On the students’ end, there exists a lack of credible ratings for educational institutions and teacher qualifications, as well tools to create a sound educational plan leading specific employment goals. With DISCIPLINA, students will have access to an objective rating system for educational institutions, allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their future. In the same vein, the pathway from higher education to employment is oftentimes vague and seemingly amorphous. With the DISCIPLINA platform connecting educational institutions, students, and recruiters, more specific roadmaps to employment can be crafted for students, providing a more clear vision for their future.

In the realm of HR, there is great difficulty locating the most qualified candidates for specific positions due to the fact that is impossible to qualitatively assess individual’s work experience and academic achievements. With access to more reliable information stored on a blockchain, employers will have a more objective view of qualified candidates. Additionally, algorithmic searches will allow companies to narrow their searches by specific skillsets and experience. This approach will also create more trust between academic institutions and recruiters due to the objective transparency of blockchain record keeping.


We at HappyMod have already gone to work providing our signature 24/7 community engagement and marketing strategies. Our moderators maintain around the clock presence in their Telegram channel, while also advertising the project through a number of different avenues. Additionally, we have planned and launched an airdrop to incentivize participation from the user base. We look forward to helping their talented team change the world with their innovative solutions. DISCIPLINA reaffirms that the future lies on the blockchain.


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