NapoleonX Explodes onto Reddit with AMA and Contest

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NapoleonX Explodes onto Reddit with AMA and Contest

NapoleonX Explodes onto Reddit with AMA and Contest

Here at HappyMod, we believe that it is absolutely paramount to engage your community on a variety of platforms. This demonstrates a willingness from teams to provide numerous avenues of participation for the people and allows markets to be expanded by including additional communities. Reddit has taken the internet by storm over the last several years and has become a major hub of interaction to discuss a seemingly endless number of topics. It has also provided prominent figures and companies a means to directly communicate with everyone and present a more down-to-earth, human image (the importance of which cannot be understated.)

With these things in mind, HappyMod is proud to announce that we have been working closely with NapoleonX by taking on the responsibility of managing their subreddit, and using the Reddit platform create exciting opportunities and events for their community!

NapoleonX, for the uninitiated, are the world’s first algorithmic crypto asset manager. They are a French entity founded by former multi-billion dollar asset managers at Tier One banks and bring with them over a decade of experience in designing and implementing high-performance trading bots. They recently completed an immensely successful ICO, raising more than ten million euros, which will allow them to completely fund the platform, marketing, and asset management company.

In the weeks leading up to the closure of the ICO, HappyMod put its Reddit skills to work in organizing a successful Reddit AMA (ask me anything) with the four executives of the NapoleonX team, as well as a contest that allowed users to put their writing abilities to the test for a chance at some exciting prizes. Utilizing our marketing and management skills, we were able to create a high level of interest and participation from the community in each of these events, as well as raise a Reddit population from infancy to an active subreddit.

Using a Reddit thread, users were able to inquire about any topic that they wished for the AMA. We then compiled all of the questions and presented them to the executives at NapoleonX to be answered during a scheduled live stream on YouTube. This format led to a wide range of topics to be covered in depth by the team. The team spoke about working closely with regulators, the process involved with obtaining an asset manager license, their vast experience in the financial sector, algorithm selection, and future competitive models for the selection process the would involve contributors, and a number of other subjects. This type of event allowed the community to receive a great deal of in-depth information about the project, as well as get to know some vital members of the team.

In addition to the AMA, the contest held on Reddit allowed for a different sort of engagement. The question was posed to the community: what does NPX mean to the world? Participants were asked to flex their writing skills and tell the team how they believed the NPX platform benefited them and the cryptocurrency universe. The selected first place winner would be rewarded a trip to Paris, a stay at the Hotel Napoleon for two, and an opportunity to meet the team. The second place winner would receive a Ledger Nano Blue, and the third place winner would get a Ledger Nano S + Cryptosteel. The NapoleonX community did not disappoint. The answers were able varied, in-depth, and downright impressive, demonstrating a high level of interest and engagement with the project and the team.

Following the wonderful success of the Reddit AMA and writing contest, HappyMod will continue to plan, organize, market, and execute events that will allow the community to actively participate via the Reddit platform. Not only does Reddit offer an additional medium through which to hold contests and AMA’s, but it also provides the community with an additional platform for discussion that differs in pace and style from something such as a Telegram chat. We very much look forward to demonstrating our community management skills within the Reddit realm, and are very happy to be working together with a project as wonderful as NapoleonX!


AMA VOD –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRYxfS7L6UM&t=6554s

The winners of the contest will be announced by the executive team on March 9th, at 10 AM UTC on the following youtube stream:


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