HappyMod Announces Partnership with Datarius!

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HappyMod Announces Partnership with Datarius!

The HappyMod team is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with another exciting project: Datarius!

Datarius is the first social peer-to-peer crypto-currency bank, developed by fin-tech company iCrypto S.A. It will offer its customers a wide range of financial services that will be implanted within a decentralized system. This allows customers pick and choose only the services that fit their financial needs.

The ecosystem is peer-to-peer, meaning that it removes all of the hassle and delays that come with bureaucracy inherent within large financial institutions. Such a system allows users to decide for themselves how to lend their money by directly connecting them with those interesting in borrowing. Lenders will also be able to comb applicants using customized filters, as well as issue loans on their own terms.

With the decentralized peer-to-peer system, applications that are entered are visible by lenders from around the globe. With such a dramatic increase in potential lenders, wait times for borrowing money are greatly decreased. Additionally, the removal of traditional banking parties reduces the cost of service, making these transactions much cheaper for everyone involved.

The Datarius Credit—or DTRC token—is a utility token based on the ERC-20 contract of the Ethereum network, and is the only tool for participating in the Datarius ecosystem. Financial products will be formed by users, and customers are able to establish terms using the token. Thus, interactions within the ecosystem are based on users’ transactions with each other using DTRC tokens.

Datarius has already completed their pre-sale, hitting their soft cap value within the first few hours! With the public sale on the near horizon, HappyMod is eager to flex the muscles of its engagement team of crypto experts, and demonstrate our unparalleled capabilities in sale facilitation, contributor interaction, marketing, and consulting for blockchain companies.


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