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DISCIPLINA – Token sale recap

The DISCIPLINA Team was extremely happy to announce the token sale is finished! As a result of a well-organized token sale, DISCIPLINA successfully raised their hard cap in a short amount of time. A look at the preparation and posts from the team The DISCIPLINA Team has frequently shared blog posts to prepare the community…
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WatermelonBlock partners with HappyMod

AI sentiment that knows what the market is thinking. HappyMod is proud to announce a partnership with WatermelonBlock. Leveraging the power of big data and artificial intelligence, WatermelonBlock is designed to assist traders of all levels of experience, making investing in cryptocurrency and ICOs simple. You don’t have to be an experienced trader to recognize…
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Engagement Token: Publishing is Dead, Long Live Publishing

Industries Few industries have been as dramatically altered as the publishing industry with the development of the internet. With much of the world now relying on the World Wide Web as their primary source of news and other information, publishers have had to fundamentally change their approaches towards advertising and improving engagement with their reader…
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STK and the Road Ahead

STK and the Road Ahead It has been a busy and exciting year thus far for our partners at STK. Recently they’ve announced some adjustments to their roadmap and provided details about what has been occurring behind the scenes with their team. In order to address any concerns and shed light on what the team…
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Neuromation the Future of AI

Neuromation the Future of AI There exist few projects in the cryptocurrency universe that are as exciting and carry as much potential as our partner Neuromation. By combining blockchain technology, distributed computing systems, and a democratized platform, they present a solution that could have dramatic impact in every industry around the globe. The Neuromation team…
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Datarius’ Uniquely Social Banking

Datarius’ Uniquely Social Banking Our partner Datarius plans on shaking up the financial world with their uniquely social vision of the future of banking. For those unfamiliar, Datarius is the world’s first social peer-to-peer cryptocurrency bank. Their project marries the best components of traditional banking products with the benefits and principles of a decentralized system.…
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NapoleonX Explodes onto Reddit with AMA and Contest

NapoleonX Explodes onto Reddit with AMA and Contest Here at HappyMod, we believe that it is absolutely paramount to engage your community on a variety of platforms. This demonstrates a willingness from teams to provide numerous avenues of participation for the people and allows markets to be expanded by including additional communities. Reddit has taken…
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Partnering up with Monaize to grow their community.

Our service is not only about moderating, we are also great at giving advise and help grow your community! Monaize approached us to help grow their community! Looking forward working together! View their website

New partnership with Engagement token!

We are happy to announce our partnership with Engagement token! Visit their website!