DISCIPLINA – Token sale recap

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DISCIPLINA – Token sale recap

The DISCIPLINA Team was extremely happy to announce the token sale is finished!
As a result of a well-organized token sale, DISCIPLINA successfully raised their hard cap in a short amount of time.

A look at the preparation and posts from the team

The DISCIPLINA Team has frequently shared blog posts to prepare the community well for the token sale. Because of the successful private sale, the public presale and public sale was only open for 3 days. You can find all the posts back in the DISCIPLINA Blog post section.

KYC and Token Distribution

In the above image you can see what to do, and what to expect. The deadlines are clear and have to be followed.


By the start of the public presale, the project had raised 28691.88 ETH. The public sale was stopped after two days, because the hard cap was met.

All tokens will be distributed August 20 to the ERC20 address you provided in the dashboard, if you passed KYC. If you experience any issues regarding KYC, contact the team at kyc@disciplina.io . Follow the steps and you’ll receive your DSCP tokens!

The token symbol is DSCP. DSCP token can be added to MEW after distribution with the following details:

Contract address: 0x03e3f0c25965f13dbbc58246738c183e27b26a56
Symbol: DSCP
Amount of decimals: 18
Note**: Do not send any funds to this address, this is for visual purposes only.

What’s next?

The DISCIPLINA Alpha was scheduled to launch Q3 2018. The DISCIPLINA Team is incredibly proud to announce the alpha will launch August 2018! More details on this will follow soon, stay tuned!

The DISCIPLINA team is very happy with the results and would like to thank everyone for the support and for participating in the campaign. A huge milestone was reached, and we’re now looking forward to the Alpha launch.

Interested in learning more? The HappyMod Team will be in the Telegram Community Channel to support you with any questions you may have!

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