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STK Partners with HappyMod

We at HappyMod are immensely proud to announce that we have partnered with STK in an agreement to provide them with our signature community management services.

A major barrier to mass-adoption of cryptocurrency in everyday life is the inability to quickly use crypto at point-of-sale transactions. Typically, users must go through the cumbersome process of selling their coins for fiat currency on an exchange, which normally involves fees and wait times that simply make payment for day-to-day purchases impossible.

STK presents a ground-breaking solution to this issue, while circumventing the need for traditional banking platforms, as well as hurdles associated with using cryptocurrency for daily transactions. The STACK app, currently in private beta, is a mobile application that offers an alternative money management solution, for smarter spending, saving and sharing, real-time rewards and offers and tap-to-pay functionality anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

In order to enable instant cryptocurrency payments, STK will be integrated into the STACK app allowing users to spend their money anytime, anywhere, in any currency. The STK platform connects the STACK wallet to the user’s private wallet through a State Channel and uses a liquidity pool to fund the transaction. The State Channel allows transactions to be completed off the blockchain, eliminating the wait times typically involved in blockchain transactions. Once the channel is closed, the net amount is settled on the blockchain. This process allows for instant digital payments at the point of sale, as easy as swiping a credit card or paying with cash.

With a working platform and active user base, 2018 will see the launch of both fiat and crypto STACK wallets. A private beta was launched for the fiat wallet during 2017, and the team will continue to add users to it up until the public launch that will occur early this year. A full commercial launch of the crypto wallet in the U.S. and Canada is scheduled for this summer, with the European and international launch following in Q3/Q4.

STK has an active community base of more than 20,000 members, including over 8,000 on Telegram alone with population and interest growing all the time. HappyMod will join the STK community management team to facilitate the continued growth of the community using our marketing expertise, and ensure constant community engagement to stimulate channel activity. Additionally, we will see that all questions regarding the platform and token are answered in a clear and accurate manner by our team of cryptocurrency experts, providing 24 hour support for users in the channel. We are confident that our adept services for blockchain companies will prove beneficial to the project, and we very much look forward towards a bright future with STACK.

Website: https://stktoken.com
Whitepaper: https://stktoken.com/STK_whitepaper_en.pdf


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