A data and fact driven community engagement and marketing team.

Community and Marketing services for blockchain companies


Fully immersing ourselves within your project, we position ourselves within the community to represent and promote your token platform. We achieve this through our proprietary due-diligence process. This allows us to create an unique and highly effective marketing campaign, and strong community engagement.


Market and community penetration is a vital component to our client’s success. We achieve this through our dedicated and hardworking Client Support Representative team. This CSR team consisting of cryptocurrency experts provide a level of trust and accuracy within the various community engagement mediums. We achieve this through our unique 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage on all chat platforms


Building on the analog business world of customer knows best, we empower and solicit constructive feedback from community members. Establishing a collaborative and open dialogue with the community builds a strong community network. The health and environment of the community are of top priority to us.

Our valued clients

At HappyMod, every client is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to meeting their needs in a demanding and highly competitive market.


Earndrop, the first of its kind, was created and designed by Earndrop. It is a revolutionary and unique new way of earning cryptocurrency. Earndrop allows the cryptocurrency enthusiast the opportunity to earn rewards while participating and supporting their favourite project. Imagine the possibilities, join today!


Neuromation was born out of desire to speed up the AI adoption in the industry. They create a sandbox environment that will generate virtually unlimited set of well-labeled examples for you. With our help, they managed to sell out on the first day of the public sale.


Publishers and top citizen-participants earn Engagement tokens by creating interesting content. Advertisers buy tokens to place their ads where the action is. With their already huge userbase and our services, we are dedicated to make this successful.


STK Token

STACK is a new personal finance platform, built on the idea that using your money should be free. Universally accessible, STACK is an alternative to traditional banking that allows you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere, in any currency including crypto, right from your smartphone.


DISCIPLINA is a multifunctional blockchain for projects in the educational and recruiting spheres. It provides the transparency of work and creates conditions of maintaining cofidentiality and reliability of information added by system participants.


OSA DC is a decentralized, AI-driven blockchain platform that collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and open data sources in real-time It’s built on the already proven OSA Hybrid Platform, which has successfully delivered its services to over 20 retailers and manufacturers in 3 countries


miBoodle is a membership platform that enables all consumers to earn a monthly income utilizing sustainable proven digital media methods, including; All members can become a micro-publisher, building 10 personalized news website based on content that interests you.


Thoughts and opinions drive behaviour in speculative markets. Recognizing the importance of influence, WatermelonBlock harnesses the power of AI to scan social and global media platforms, ranking the market sentiment of top cryptocurrencies and ICOs. WatermelonBlock provides real-time actionable insights and detailed contextual analysis for investors, at the press of a button.


WULET is a blockchain platform that will give its users the opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life, and businesses the chance to attract new clients and keep their current clientele.



Lendingblock is an open exchange for cryptocurrency loans, where borrowers and lenders are instantly matched in a simple, secure and transparent way. Put simply, we are introducing the concept of securities lending to the crypto economy.

NOIA Network

NOIA enables hundreds of thousands of computers to serve as points of presence (POP’s) for web content caching and delivery through local ISP networks around the world.


We are here to support you!

At HappyMod we recognize all relationships are unique.We will design and execute a strategy to maximize adoption of your token. We look forward to collaborating with you, contact us today!


A few things we’re great at.

Our skills and abilities provide a competitive advantage within the cryptocurrency market.

We will not let you down!

Flexible & Fast Service

Fully customizable services, empowers the client the ability to mix and match any service option. You’re in total control, let us do the heavy lifting!

Business Process and Quality

A rock-solid business plan is crucial to your success. We thoroughly review all aspects related to the marketability of your product. This includes competitive analysis, project leadership and market expansion strategies.

Business Plan Development

Have a great idea and not sure where to start? Our team of cryptocurrency experts are primed and at the ready to assist you get your project off the ground!

Client Feedback

Here at HappyMod, we know how great we are, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our valued clients have to say.

“HappyMod is the most responsible and dynamic team that we have had the pleasure of working with. Their methods of community management were incredibly effective and adaptable to any scenario presented to them. Collaborating with them was seamless and immensely beneficial for our team.”

Maxim Prasolov

President of Digital Economy of Neuromation

“After observing the level of success Neuromation had with their token sale, we came to realize the skill and talent at HappyMod. We knew right away, a collobaration with HappyMod would translate into a successful token sale for us. Their customizable service packages provided us with a competitive advantage, and it did not disappoint. Thank you HappyMod!”

Constantine Goltsev

CEO of EngagementToken

The HappyBot

Get your customized Telegram Service Bot

At HappyMod we try to make community engagement as smoothly as possible by thinking one step ahead. With customized welcome messages and automatic responses we keep the community active and everyone up to date to the latest news.


HappyBot gives a warm and unique welcome message to all new people joining your Telegram community!


No need to manually remove spam or advertisements because with the HappyBot in your channel, all of that is deleted automatically!


Get automatic responses on frequently asked questions to keep the conversations flowing in your telegram community channel.


Keep your community up to date with the HappyBot twitter feature which posts your live twitter activity.

Our Team

Our team of cryptocurrency experts strive to provide a high level of success of your token sale. We achieve this success through community engagement, effective product management and exceptional service.


Co-Founder / VP Human Resources

The creative mind behind HappyMod is Floriaan. A cryptocurrency fanatic  and talented multimedia designer combined with strong interpersonal skills. Do not be fooled by his calm and relaxed demeanor, he is HappyMods Human Resources Manager. Responsible for the inner team workings of HappyMod, nothing happens without Flo’s detailed analysis and scheduling. His ability to systematically review and identify gaps in process and planning provide HappyMod and clients an edge in adoption and growth.

HMod_Marco is the co-founder and CMO of HappyMod


Co-Founder / Chief Marketing Officer

A socially aware socialite, Marco fits right in as HappyMods client relationship expert. His hard work and determination to succeed is the driving force for our current and future clients’ successes. Always approachable and eager to assist, there is no greater comfort for our business partners. Marco is well positioned as a cryptcurrency expert to lead and oversee business strategies for all clients. Marco provides all clients with a level of trust, stability and unwavering commitment.


Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

A developer at heart and cryptocurrency expert, he identified a gap within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. HappyMod was born out of necessity to provide a high level of support for token and blockchain platforms. Sebastiaan leads and manages several complex projects within happymod, including its software development team. His leadership and example have established the benchmark for effective and efficient work within HappyMod.


Chief Operations Officer

10 years experience managing various projects and people in the private sector, combined with many years of cryptocurrency research and investment, has positioned Norman well within the cryptoverse. Norman consistently evaluates the status of the business planning and development of services. Securing the functionality of the business to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Additionally, Norman is instrumental in developing business strategies to maximise market exposure and facilitate financial growth for our current and future clients. As well, his community involvement as a cryptocurrency expert, he regularly speaks at community blockchain meetups. He is highly motivated, detail oriented and driven to succeed.


Editor in Chief

Matthew doubles as a telegram moderator and writer for HappyMod. Matthew can be found on telegram during the late hours of the day providing a high level of community engagement through constructive discussions and representing the facts related to all our clients token projects. Additionally, Matthew has written and continues to write impactful articles. These articles have proven time and time again to attract and generate user engagements. Take advantage of this service and contact us today for an article on a subject of your choice.


Project Manager – Investors

Thorough knowledge and understanding of your product, Samir excels in connecting with the token sale communities. This ability to learn and master the token project, as well as identifying a gap in community knowledge base. Selected cryptocurrency enthusiasts, with limited knowledge or speculation experience has led to Samir to build relations with investors within the HappyMod community. Additionally, Samir can be found providing real-time accurate responses to questions and encouraging a healthy community environment within telegram communities.


Research and training

Marc is deep in the trenches, alongside his fellow colleagues supporting and assisting the various community groups HappyMod manages. He excels at maintaining and fostering a positive and cordial community environment. As well, his ability to resolve concerns promptly and effectively communicate technical information, is a direct result of his due diligence and research into your token project. This process and attention to detail lend to HappyMod’s internal training and mentoring program.


Client Support Specialist

HappyMod welcomes Rolf to the team. While he may be new to HappyMod, he is an active investor and overall cryptocurrency enthusiast. Additionally, partnered with his passion and all things crypto, his contributions to our business is important. Rolf’s attention to detail provides HappyMod the ability to objectively review and assess token projects thoroughly. This is an additional layer of our signature support process for our future clients. Rolf is a also a capable and talented programmer, who can when needed contribute source code and custom creations unique to client demand.

This could be you!

Interested in Happiness?

Opportunity: Client Support Representative

HappyMod is currently accepting applications for skilled and talented cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join our CSR Team. This position requires the successful applicant to reside on planet earth. Do you possess an exceptional work ethic and strong desire to succeed? If you think you got what it takes, we would love to hear from you!

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